July 21st, 2005

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Bad Habits Die Hard

So, here I am again, turned up like a bad penny, back into the mix of the blog. I've got a lot of catching up, and instead of waiting for an opportunity to do so, why don't I just do what I can in the scant amount of time I have available? Here, here.

Well, let's start with the good news.

Got an couple more acceptances since I last signed in.

First up, from Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (aka FMAM), which features some great fiction, reviews (including Harriet Klausner, #1 reviewer for amazon.com), and some nice art. "Uno Dinero" the first of my Calender Girls stories (remember that project I started working on last year?) has been accepted. Thank you FMAM.

Acceptance #2, but only chronologically. Nancy Jackson accepted my Rock n Roll undead story, "R 'n R Will Never D" for the August/September issue of _The Dream People_, she is editing. Again, a great chance to be seen and working with one of my fav editors... Well, that was a chance I couldn't pass up. (In side notes, this story may very well have a sequel in the works. The world was too interesting for my brain to leave.)

I've been picking up my share of rejection slips, too, but those stories are usually turned back around and sent out to another market. Hopefully, Robert Heinlein's theory will hold true. I've got about 16 stories looking for homes, as I type this.

More great news: I now have a website. Still under construction, but I've got one.


I'm working on photos, favorite links and such, but feel free to browse and let me know what you think. It could use a lot of help, I'm sure. But what the hey, time to dip my toes. I'm trying to appear professional, after all. Trying to make a name for myself.

What am I working on right now? Well, a bunch of things. A trio of short stories with deadlines coming up. Monday night gorror guru Jon and I are putting together a DVD/movie review column for a local magazine. Finally, I've been giving some serious thought to expanding my "Dead Man's Eyes" fantasy short story into a full length novel. Well, maybe not that long. That story wants to tell more than it's currently able to. It needs at least 30,000 words (quite possibly more like 60,000) to live up to its potential. My attempts to cram it all into 5000 words has seriously hamstrung the piece's pace and characters. Talk about bare bones. I've been passing off a femur and pelvis as a whole living organism. My characters have been speaking to me, and you know what? What they're saying is pretty fascinating. The bad news is, this will be sword and sorcery (which there isn't much of a market for these days), so it'll take time to find a market for the end product. We shall see what comes of it.

NECON is probably the best con on this side of the country. WHC was great fun, but NECON is better. More intimate. Panels, drinking with the name authors, jawing about just about anything. A hellovalot of fun, providing you like social stuff. Typically, I do not. I'm more introspective. I'm most likely to be mistaken for a serial killer (always the quiet ones, you know). My true friends know how different I am when I'm in close company as opposed to crowds. At NECON, I felt less awkward than usual. In fact, I felt like a part of the whole shebang. In the NECON family, I'm still the distant cousin. I hope to get closer.
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