June 28th, 2005

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Singalong: Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt

Well, this is my first entry in who knows how long. I started reading through the many (MANY) friend list journal entries I've missed, and decided that is a lost cause. Let's see, what can I say to sum up the last many moons?

Well, my parents were here this week. They left on Monday. I love them to death, and they drive me nuts (as parents are wont to do to their offspring). They came to celebrate my birthday. Saturday, I turned 30. Happy birthday, me! The good news is, I only wanted to seriously kill them (well, not seriously, I probably would have laughed maniacally as I did it) once. A new record for me. It involved a late night wrong turn on the road back from Hyannis, Massachusetts, which made the return trip more like two hours than 1.5 hours. Otherwise, it was a good trip.

Saw a gazillion flicks of late. Saw many good, and one stinker. Land of the Dead got a thumbs up, Batman Begins was a perfect gem of a film, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a hellovalot of fun (which succeeded in making me horny like a maffa). High Tension was a lousy experience, to say the least. I haven't felt that ripped off since I saw The Cell or Hollow Man. This has naught to do with the gore levels (it had a decent amount of violence) but on the level of plot, character, suspense and all the other goodies that make stories worthwhile.

Well, The Drabbler Issue 3 is out, now, including my piece "You Can't Go Home, but You Don't Have to Stay Here (Again)". The issue's theme is "Eve Without Adam, the Last Woman in the World." Get it here:


My contributor copy arrived with my pay (in cash!). $0.01/word! Yepper do. A drabble, for those not in the know (and I wasn't for the longest time) is a piece of fiction 100 words long. Exactly. No more, no less. Beginning, middle, end. 100 words. Oh, and a title that can be up to 16 words long (not included in the 100 words).

Now, I am working on a lot of stories, kicking RPing to the backburner indefinitely, and otherwise trying to get a writing career moving. That about sums up my life. Yeah.
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