May 27th, 2005

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Cherry Popping Zombie

So, last night was the inaugural roleplaying experience for Trista's knittin' buddy Miles. She seemed to have fun. Miles, Trista, Jon (who's last RPG experience happened about 20 years ago) and I played the zombie survival horror game All Flesh Must Be Eaten and had a lot of fun. The story finds our heroes trapped in a movie theatre, after seeing a sneak preview of the new Romero zombie flick Land of the Dead (due out in our world June 24th). Good, spooky, gory fun.

After the game (which featured a gruesome nailgun through the eyeball sequence), Trista confided the gore part that she reacted to strongest. As the quartet of normal humans (three characters controlled by the players, one helper character controlled by me) are in the break room, dealing with one of the zombie baddies, Trista's character cuts the spinal cord (long story, suffice to say it was exposed) into pieces. At which point, I mentioned that the nerve fibers inside "spilled out into a pile resembling linguini." That was the description that stuck with her. She was surprised where I copped that one from. Shall I share? Shall I spoil the magic? Actually it's a double reference. So, in the first episode of Lost Dr. Jack is talking about fear, and bad experiences. While he was in the beginning of his residency, he states, he had an accident treating a spinal injury patient and the inner contents of her spine (that network of nerves that connect the body to the brain in the CNS or Central Nervous System) "spilled out like angel hair pasta". Now, because my brain works in odd ways and because it amused me, I swapped out angel hair pasta for linguini. Why? Because at one point in The Odd Couple Jack Lemmon's character Felix Ungar has a plate of pasta, while Walter Matthau's character Oscar Madison is yelling at him. Oscar spouts off about the spaghetti on the plate; Felix says, "That's not spaghetti, it's linguini"; Oscar grabs the plate and launches it at the wall, "Now," Oscar says, "it's garbage." I find that scene hilarious, especially with the follow up about who will or won't clean up the mess. Hee hee! Thus, Neil Simon's The Odd Couple ended up referred to in my AFMBE game. :) More info than you needed about a scene that only three other people witnessed. Moving on...

Trista also mentioned her belief that eating parts of someone, while that person watches is the worst of insults. This is due to said zombie in the breakroom biting off, chewing and swallowing a piece of her character's leg. I find that comment strangely true. Of course, this branches into other animal groups. Would you be comfortable eating chicken around other chickens? Now, I know that farmers often feed animal parts to the animals (thus the proliferation of mad cow disease, communicated through the consumption of brain matter), but this leads to yet another question: if cannibalism is so taboo, why do we encourage it in our livestock? Now, cannibalism does not only refer to the act of eating people. Some people have this incorrect assumption. It means eating a member of your same species. Thus, when people eat people, that's cannibalism; when a dog eats a person, that's not cannibalism. When a dog eats a dog, that's cannibalism. Thus, we live in a cannibalistic society, in so much as 'It's a dog eat dog world' holds true.

But I digress.

So, what stories am I working on of late? My dentata piece targeted for Red Scream, a Florida horror piece for an antho requesting Florida horror stories, a couple of zombie shorts (for charity anthos) and a story about cats tentatively titled "Lucky Tom in the Litterbox of Lust". This long weekend promises much writing.
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