May 25th, 2005

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Back from Vacation

So, last week, I went to Muncie, Indiana to hang out with my high school chums Tom, Bob and Jay. Trista came with. We had a ball. Read a bunch on the flights, gamed a wee bit, drank quite a lot (for me, anyway), ate food that was bad for me but tasted so bloody good.

Here is the only reference this current piece of pop culture will ever receive from me in this livejournal: I did not see Star Wars 3.

Books I've Recently Read:
Night Cage by Andrew Harper (aka Doug Clegg). A well paced thriller. If you intend to read this book, please do yourself a favor and do not read the back cover, it has little to do with anything but the last third to last quarter of the novel. Here's a back cover draw for you:

"This medical monster makes housecalls. Pray he doesn't choose yours.
In the midst of brush fires, California is discovering another terror: murder at the hands of an untrained, self-proclaimed Doctor. With the aid of the homicidal, former nurse called Bloody Mary, he will do his part to extract the fears and malignancies he perceives festering inside his unwitting patients' souls. How many will suffer his bedside manner before the police and the personnel of Darden State Hospital stop him?"

This Flesh Unknown by Gary A Braunbeck. A fascinating read, Braunbeck's use of language is exemplary. In this story, a married couple discover just how far their fantasy lives can get out of hand. Paul and Vanessa aren't having a great year. After a car accident irrevocably changed their lives, they have been shadows of their former selves. This Flesh Unknown is a truly erotic ghost story, rich with emotional resonance. Unfortunately, the second half reads a little rushed, and the resolution is not as strong as the rest of the book. However, it contains one of the most humorous and romantic reminiscences of meeting and falling in love that I've read in some time. Highly recommended.

I also pounded through both of the new Hard Case Crime novels, Plunder of the Sun, an exotic gold chasing adventure through South America and 361 by Donald Westlake, an excellent hardboiled thriller about family.
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