May 4th, 2005

there!, Hello

A Busy Week, Already

So, yesterday I mentioned my sale to Red Scream magazine. However, I forgot to mention my drabble sale. Yep, that piece I wrote, "You Can't Go Home, but You Don't Have to Stay Here (Again)" and entered into a drabble contest did not win the contest, but it will be published in Between Kisses magazine. :) 1 cent a word, baby! Which is impressive, until you realize that a drabble is precisely 100 words, no more, no less. Yep, that little story nets me a buck. :) Still, it's another credit. Paying market, too! Found out about that one Monday, found out about "Irregular Visit" on Tuesday. Two days, two sales, and boy are my typing fingers tired (I'm here all year, try the fish).

In Gaming News: Last night I wrapped up yet another part of the Mage Chronicle (Part One), this time dealing with the two Order of Hermes mages. I had a blast, and today I am tired. Hopefully, later this week, I'll have a chance to sit down with Kat and do the final, final bit of Mage, wrapping up the single Verbena character.
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