May 3rd, 2005

there!, Hello

A good day

Well, I've got Leaves' Eyes stuck in my head. What a wonderful CD. Liv Kristin is an amazing vocalist. I bought her previous band's CD over the weekend, and Theatre of Tragedy (what a delightfully goth name) is not as good as Leaves' Eyes. M'man Jon tells me that Leaves Eyes' NEW CD, released this month in Europe, won't make its way to our shores until September. I am geeked.

Springsteen's latest CD is a hearkening back to Nebraska (one of my all time favorite CDs) and The Ghost of Tom Joad. It is a heartwrenching listen, quite powerful. But it has been knocked from my internal CD player by a Norwegian Black Metal band, go figure.

I just got an email that my erotic, dentist, horror story "Irregular Visit" has been accepted for publication in the September issue of Red Scream magazine. :)

I have been hard at work on a bunch of fiction lately, it is coming along great. I've got nine stories out, sitting in slush piles. I've got two more near completion. Hopefully they will rocket on their way by this weekend. Or maybe middle of next week.

Gotta run. Got a date with a ghost.
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