April 1st, 2005

there!, Hello


When I woke up this morning, I forgot we went to the flicks last night... Well, we've seen Constantine. Not a bad movie, but not a very good one either. Alas it suffers the flaw of being high quality mediocre. Forgettable, too, apparently. At least for me. Reflecting on it, however, I recall a few fun bits. I rather enjoyed Peter Stormare's performance as Satan, although I reeeeeally wanted him to demand "Unguent!" Ah, well. The script was looser than a bankrupt brothel. Needed some serious rethinking. It was pretty to behold at points, but alas, nothing more than American Cheez. One of these days, I need to write a demonic monster story starring righteous warriors from another religion. Xiao Lin demon slayers might be a lot of fun, as would Lutheran or Calvinist or Quaker or Shaker or Moslem or Seventh Day Adventists or Buddhists... Le sigh. Suddenly my brain returns to the South Park episode pitting the Jesus Friends against David Blain. :)

So, Keanu Reeves, Donald Trump and Ted Kennedy walk into a bar... Well, those were my three favorite cast members for the odd off-the-cuff shenanigans I was performing last night. I had enormous fun imitating such delightful characters. Also, I came up with a title and a bit of lyrics for the monstrously funny, "Ted Kennedy Chowda Rap (here we go)". I'll have to think more on this today.

So, tonight I game for a coupla hours. Only one more episode, er session, of Mage left after this week, and then it's ovah until September.

Sent off two more stories yesterday, my erotic horror story "Irregular Visit" to Red Scream Magazine and my bizzare zombie short short to "Insidious Reflections". Yay! Now I need to work my vampire story "Night School" into it's final shape (it's much improved over the initial drafts) and send it off.

Won't be able to see Sin City until Tuesday, alas. We're gaming tonight, playing in Darius' Ghostbusters game tomorrow (should I be a Keanu character? Whoa), and then going to see Jon's band play in the evening. Busy weekend. Monday I return to Memorial. Then, choo-choo off to NYC on Thursday to hear Nick Kaufmann's reading and partake in the rest of the World Horror Con.
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