March 22nd, 2005

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Another Day, Another Dan

Finished off my sub for the Twenty Epics antho, Trista mailed it yesterday (as I was stuck in job number 2 all freaking day...) and that story is now on hold. What's up next? Revisits and resubs for a buncha stories.

Last night, I arrived home to find a copy of Werewolf Magazine #2. Crappy cover art and all, it holds a warm place in me heart because of the fact that I am included in the contents. Yay! There is something bizarre about seeing your name in print. Well, I find it bizarre. This would be due to the fact that I am a literary nobody, I suppose. I look in a title column, hey that's me! At least I know my mom will buy a copy. :) The story is a fun piece. A short spook dedicated to Dan Keohane (pronounced "Ko-Haen").

Last night, Jon and I had a drop-jaw double feature. Meet the Feebles is a delightful romp behind the scenes of a family spectacular (any similarity to the Muppets is entirely purposeful) where the anthropomorfic talent and directors are all shallow, drug addicted, porno shooting, feces eating, muckraking, self absorbed, assholes. An early comedy from Peter Jackson. And a musical! The song "Sodomy" is excellent. A real winner. Next up was Suicide Club, which suffers some from crappy translation. The subtitles are pathetic, but the images are excellent. THe film starts with a delightful setpiece in which 54 schoolgirls arrive at a subway platform, hold hands, announce "One and two and three!" and then jump in front of the arriving train. The film transitions in a dream-like way, demanding a bizarre juxtaposition of emotional responses, as it follows detectives trying to get to the bottom of these Suicide Clubs (which are popping up all over). Funny, freaky and very strange. But good strange. Sort of a punk Blue Velvet from Japan.

Jon made me spend money. I blame him. He turned me on to Leaves' Eyes, a "folk goth black metal" band from Europe. Awesome and highly recommended.

So metal has splintered into about a gazillion categories. Folk goth black metal? WTF? When I was in school (admittedly fifteen years ago), there was heavy metal, speed metal and death metal. Now there's how many adjectives can we apply to the term metalloids. GAFB (gimme a frickin break)...
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