March 17th, 2005

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The Return of the Ghost of the Creative Spark

So, vacation wiped me out. Sheesh. It was supposed to be relaxing, wasn't it?

In brief: due to the nasty snow storm on the drive out, the trip took eight hours (when it was slated for four). I hated skiing after the first day, but I enjoyed it after the second. I don't know that I will ever go out of my way to pursue it, but if a trip like this drops into my lap, again, I'll take it. Return trip took the typical time. Nobody broke limbs. I ended up with some bruises. All was well. Oh. And I hate walking in ski boots. Yep.

The weekend after was not so bad. Saturday it snowed like a mofo. We were pretty much trapped indoors. Monday sucked (as I returned to Memorial for boss number 2.5) until evening, when I watched a disturbing Hamster movie with Jon ("Flower of Flesh and Blood" has to be the best (?) of the Guinea Pig Japanese horror flicks). We jawed about flicks and basically had a delightful time.

Found out Jon is a former RPgamer who might like to give it a try again. He seems rather intrigued with the Zombie Survival RPG All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Maybe we'll give it a go some time!

I've been getting rejection emails, and sending things out, again.

Writing and reading fiction took a back seat to other thangs over the weekend. T and I started a dungeon crawl for giggles. Watched a bunch of stuff and went through a bunch of old video tapes I made back in high school (1992 and before) with a variety of fun stuff on them (remember when Joe Bob Briggs Drive In Theatre was on? I still have some of his bits... During Scream Queen Month. Hee hee!).

Had a weird dream where Fozzie Bear was looking for Nanny (ala the Muppet Babies), and we were scouring NYC for her. Unable to do it alone, Michael Moore offered a helping hand. Unfortunately, we ended up getting lines and lines of prostitutes in green striped socks who desired a piece of the mad Fozzie money (he was a rich muppet after all). As the dream progressed, I found myself wondering: what if Nanny's dead, would anyone tell Fozzie Bear? Would he be able to handle visiting her grave? It was a sad dream, and I awoke with the desire to revisit happy times by watching Muppet Babies cartoons. As I was a VCR fiend in my youth, I was sure I had some eps left. Alas, I'd taped Monsters, Tales from the Crypt and Friday's Curse (known as Friday the 13th: The Series, for all the non-Brits reading this) over them... Ah well.

This weekend, I will be wrapping up one of Mage: The Ascension's current storylines with two of the characters (the Hermetic Mages). The Mage game has been hit and miss. Hit because I'm having fun with the group, miss because the dynamic is still heavily on me. I was hoping to have more proactive characters, and I ended up with more reactive ones. Ah well. Story number two (and the final story for Kit, as he will be leaving Worcester for good come May) will be much more heavily plotted on my end.

What have I been watching of late?
Shadows and Fog (recent Woody Allen that's actually funny, probably due to the fact that it was based in part on a play he wrote in his early career)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 (bizarre and humorous)
Flower of Flesh and Blood (eerie gorefest from a manga artist)
Spider Baby (excellent, excellent, excellent spooky/funny flick)

What have I been reading of late?
In this Skin by Simon Clark (wherein the residents of Chicago sound peculiarly English, probably due to the fact that Simon Clark is English)
Home is the Sailor by Day Keene (a delightful pulp romp from Hard Case Crime)
Fluke by Christopher Moore (a bizzarely funny novel)
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