March 8th, 2005

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A Week of Work, A Weekend of Rest

Vacation, going on vacation...
This afternoon, T and I venture into the snowy climes of Smuggler's Notch, New Hampshire for our skiing getaway. I'm intrigued and excited to be getting away.
Well, last week was a hugeum work week for me, both in my day job and my writing. Come Friday, I was weary (let me rest). Mondo thank you to Nancy Jackson, for accepting my short story "Decisions, Decisions" for her antho Bleed My Heart Romantic! Also, mondo thank you to Mr. October, Steve Berman for the good advice and second chance.

Jigsaw Nation proved to be a bust, but not quite, which is highly weird. More on this later, though.
Have I mentioned that I hate working for two bosses? Well, three is right out, but I seem to have found myself suffering that odiousness. Liz, who works for boss #2, has assumed the role of boss over me. I tasted the words "Fuck this noise, I'm out of here," no less than three times yesterday. For those uninitiated with this term, let me tell you: it is nothing like chicken. These words are more acidic than bile, almost too noxious to swallow. They demand to be vomited forth onto whomever is causing them to rise. It was through an act of sheer Will that I swallowed them. The mantra of "Trista and I need the benefits. Trista and I need the benefits," helps me stay sane.
So Kat went off for a shopping trip and hottub stay with her mother Saturday to Sunday. She sounds like she had a good time.
Trista and I also had a good time. We experimented with one of the anniversary presents: rubber tights.
Quite Work Safe but Not to All TastesCollapse )
Last night I hung out with my main movie man Jon. Not only does he have good taste in flicks, but he's got good taste in music, too. We concur about Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime as being the greatest concept album ever ("This is my Wall," he said, "My Pink Floyd." I could not have said it better myself). Also, we're both Sisters of Mercy fans... Apparently my enjoyment of Joy Division resounds better with Miles than Jon... Ah well, nobody's perfect.

He offered to lend me a CD of his current band (a slower sound, ala Low), but we forgot by night's end. We watched The Bloody Judge, which was kinda, well, boring. Ahem. As a film critic I should say:

"The pacing of the film lacked the essential je ne se quas to maintain viewer interest. More interesting examples of the Witch Hunt subgenre can be found in Witchfinder General (which I haven't actually seen in its entirity, but it did jumpstart this subgenre in '68) The Pit and the Pendulum (with Lance Henrikson) or Mark of the Devil. As well, the powerful presence of thespian Christopher Lee was poorly used. The film felt like an attempt to propel Jess Franco into the canon of the boring mainstream. Lackluster is far too generous a term."

Then we popped in the second Guinea Pig flick, an extremely strange and gory flick titled The Android of Notre Dame for less than obvious reasons (bad translation, me thinks), and had ourselves a chuckle. The lesson from this movie: never trust a midget scientist with a bowtie and bad teeth.

A fun night.
And now, enter mystery.
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