February 25th, 2005

there!, Hello

Damn good cup of coffee

Dale Cooper
You're Special Agent Dale Cooper. You're often too
brilliant for people to really follow, but your
infectious enthusiasm makes up for the fact
that you're frequently incomprehensible. You
are smart, intuitive, clear-headed,
compassionate, and cute as hell -- about your
only flaw is your insane coffee consumption.

Which Twin Peaks character are you?
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Well, no copies of The Shield, last night. Ah well. I got a raincheck for the sale price.

So, I submitted a story to the Arthur Clarke/Ray Bradbury Award contest. It's a good piece, but I now wonder if the Space Elevator (which was the theme) plays as central a role in the thing as I originally intended. Post submission jitters, perhaps...

One down, four anthos and a contest to go.

I watched a cheese spooky flick last night. An EC Comics piece if I ever saw one. It was called Deathbed. Pleasantly surprising. Nicely done, a little eerie and one part made me jump. Ultimately, the plot reads like someone breezed through David Schow's collection Lost Angels and shoved a bunch of the plot ideas together. THus, there is a photographer and his wife/girlfriend (DJS' story 'Red Light') who get an old style bed (DJS' novella 'Brass') which is a focus of the supernatural. Still, I had a ball watching it. (in a Joe Bob Briggs' voice) Dan-Rob says "Check it out."
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there!, Hello

Well, Another One Off

Well, I've sent "Beautiful Strangers" to the So Fey: Queer Fantasy Fiction anthology. Hopefully, the editor, Mr. B, likes it!

Now, back to work.
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