February 24th, 2005

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Lone Wolfing It After a Date with the Darlin'

So, last night we went to Dino's ristorante (an Italian joint in Woostah which is nestled next to a park, off the beaten track, and has all of the class and style of some old mobster's house... it's quite a piece of work) for our anniversary. I've been giving her little gifts all week, but she got me the clincher.

I am now the gleeful owner of Poppy Brite and Christa Faust's novel Triads. I remember the novella from Doug Winter's antho Revelations, which I picked up at the WHC in Niagara Falls, back when it came out (was that 1995? Sheesh, I cannot recall right now). I'm looking forward to reading the expansion/continuation. Even better, she's giving me a "gift certificate" to NECON, this July. An unofficial spending budget for the dealer/art room. Sweeeet! Does this stack up to the latex tights, cool boots (from Newport News), and handful of books I got for her? I think so. :)

Speaking of NECON. Yep, we're going! We sent the check a little while ago, and I have yet to see our names added to the roster at CampNecon website... What is NECON? It's a con that Doug Clegg clued us into. It's a place for writers to go to basically hang out. Drinking and weenie roasts and ghost stories... All in all, probably the most fun I've had at a con, and it's tiny too. Limited to 200 folks. Trista and I were newbies last year, not so this year. Even when T and I move away from Massachusetts (to see how the Other Coast lives), we may very well come back for NECON.

So, tonight, Trista is on the recruitment greeting committee for Umass Medical School. As she's a fourth year grad student (just a little away from her PhD, go Trista!) she now gets to meet the next wave of students at the airport, ride back with them and sell the U to their greedy little brains. What does this mean for moi?

Why, I get to eat a plateful of biscuits for dinner! And breaded chicken patties! SouBe Diet be damned! I am a lone wolf, tonight, which is good since I've got to get my enty to the Clarke-Bradbury contest into final shape for tomorrow. I actually dig that story, now that it's in nearly final form. In the conception stages, it was a battle. Then, when I'm done with that, I will beat up my So Fey entry one last time. That one's in final form. I've been letting it sit unread for a couple of days to give myself some space.

Somewhere in there, I will also drop by Best Buy to pick up the third season of The Shield. I love that show! It's so delightfully dirty. If the modern cop show genre owes a huge debt to Ed McBain (which it does, his 87th Precinct novels set the standard for good cop series, and established the idea that readers will follow unsolved cases through several books; Hill Street Blues was a ripoff/homage), then The Shield owes big time debt to James Ellroy.
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