February 18th, 2005

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Taking Time for Simple Joy

So I realized I have like four deadlines coming up in the next two weeks. Sheshus. Thus, I have been revising and plotting and all that good stuff (as well as attempting to prep Mage, for my Saturday night groups), but I've still been taking time to sniff the foliage. Work without pause is no life, and without life, the work suffers.

So, yesterday, Trista and I took a half day off. We slept in (deliciously sinful on a 9-5 work day!) and took in some lunch at Osaka. We had tepenyaki (is that how you spell it?) teriyaki food (she, the chicken, I, the calimari) and a tuna roll. Then, for dessert, we shared a cup of ginger ice cream. It's amazing, what magic can be found in the creamy delight of ginger ice cream.

Recharged and refueled, I am ready to jump back into the grind.

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