February 14th, 2005

there!, Hello

Red Eye C-Train to Hell

So, tonight I get to visit my (sort of) new chum Jon. We will have a ball watching horror flicks while the ladies in our lives hang out and knit. What's that, you say, not hanging wit da huns on Venereal Disease, I mean, Valentine's Day? Nope.

T and I hung out yesterday, swapped presents and such. Who needs today?

Next week is our fourth anniversary (books!). Have we been married four years? Well, actually it's been five and a half, if you're really counting. Yep, T and I had a terribly Shakespearian secret wedding ceremony a year and half before the courthouse thing our parents were invited to. It was a Handfasting, written by moi and conducted by our ordained priestess friend Lori. All of our cool friends were there. We held it in the woods behind our undergrad school in Rochester, Michigan, and stole sand from the goddamn golf course to use for our Earth. Does that make sense to anyone else? Well, I chuckle about it. Regardless. A year and a half later, we finally decided to Just Do It and have a courthouse thing for our parents to attend. My mother in law has never been too pleased with me (I think the word hostile is probably not harsh enough for our relationship, though it has mellowed over the years), and she was in rare hate-filled form that day... My Aunt showed up late and the judge let us say our vows, again. Yep, so technically, Trista and I have been married three times and for five and a half years.

Trista made plum pie yesterday. Tasty, but not as tasty as the first time she did it (last year). I fear she is trying to replicate that experience (which was divine). Plum pie is delightfully tart...

Friday, Kat had a VD party, Saturday we played the first full length session of Mage, and Sunday was a laundry day.

If this post isn't making sense, then blame Peter Straub. Why? Well, I finished reading Shadowland last week (and didn't mention it in my journal! Bad human, no treat...), and I started reading In the Night Room, last night. It kept me up way too late. Thus, I am tired today and not making much sense. So, blast you Peter Straub for writing such engaging stories!

And I've been working on a Methods section for the lab's latest publication. Can anyone say uh-oh? I knew you could!
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