January 31st, 2005

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Rejections and Hopes

Well, Friday found my Mid-Atlantic Horror short story rejected. The threat was a little too vague, they said. Ah, this problem returns... I recall a rejection I got from Weird Tales, many moons ago about my weirdness being indistinct. Time to nip THAT in the bud.

Ah well. So, today I sent out a Drabble, and I need to go to the post office to send "Dead Man's Eyes" off to the Razor Edged Arcanum antho. Here's keeping my fingers crossed. You know, that title sounds just about perfect for a pirate tale... And this has no pirates in it... Hmph.

Next up on the docket, So Fey and Jigsaw Nation, both anthos I am geeked about submitting to. Also, I've got the Bradbury/Clarke contest bubbling around in the brainpan. Busy, busy wood chewer.

This weekend, the household had a great old time with Adam and Kit. We stayed up so late my internal clock got majorly whacked. Mage characters are in the can (for the most part) and first story looks like it might start this weekend (yes, even MORE work for me to do).

This weekend, I watched Do the Right Thing, Juon 2, and parts of Vertigo. The Hitchcock film maintains an astonishing level of sexual tension between Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. DtRT always affects me, moves me to shocked silence. And Juon 2 was just plain weird. Not nearly as terrifying as Juon, but interesting nevertheless.

Joel Schumacker's Phantom of the Opera proved to be intriguing. I silently sang along. The actor playing the Phantom was not great, Raoul was great(interestingly enough I usually hate him). Christine was so-so, and the supporting cast and costumes were absolutely fabulous. You could say I loved this movie in spite of its two leads.

Still reading Peter Straub's Shadowland.
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