January 24th, 2005

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All the News Fit to Print

Just found out I'm getting paid for that Worlds of the Dead thing I wrote. It was done out of love, and I'm netting a couple of checks for it (one 30 days after publication, another 30 days later). Wowsers.

Friday, I found another horror movie mutant, I mean buff. Trista and I had dinner and a flick (we watched the cheesy fun piece The Convent) with Melissa and Jon. While T and M were off chatting, Jon and I got to know one another, and compared movie tastes. We clicked. They are both good people...

So, before I left, Jon and I swapped movies (sheesh, sounds like something childhood chums do...) he got my BubbaHoTep and I borrowed his Irreversible. I watched this movie yesterday. Incredible, gut wrenching and astonishing. Not a movie for the faint of heart. It is a haunting masterwork of horror (though it is not a horror movie, per se), which plays with time and irony. (You see the end, and events scroll back from there.) Like Ketchum's Girl Next Door I don't know if I can quite recommend it to anyone, but it is an incredible experience.

So, I finished watching Kingdom Hospital, this weekend. Man was the last episode a let down. It utilized one of my least favorite plot resolution devices: time travel. Now, time travel is fine, like any other plot device it can be used with excellent efficiency. My difficulty with KH's use is that it came across as a cheat. "And then she woke up..." would have been only marginally worse. Ah well.

Alias Season 3 is better than the first episode appeared.

Reading Peter Straub's Shadowland. Slow and evocative, thus far.

Looks like "Dead Man's Eyes" will be ready to submit this week. I've set a deadline of Friday for myself (though in truth it doesn't need to be off until Monday). My vampire piece should also be ready to go this week.

Gaming preparations are progressing well. This weekend, the players will sit down and make characters, and afterward, I will probably crunch out the chronicle's major beats. I already have some delightful metaplot ideas, but I'm trying to make this game very player motivated, as opposed to module oriented. We shall see if the players are doing their homework!

So, tonight I go to a writer's group meeting - the first of a newly founded group at WPI. I must bring 1000 words or less for the group to critique. I don't know quite what to expect... I've never been in a writer's group before (unless you count a poetry workshop class I took as an postbacc, in 1998). We shall see.
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