January 19th, 2005

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Paving the Way for the Good

Well, yesterday's entry included not one but two, two, two rejections. Today, we've got one, one, one acceptance! That's right, chaps and chickadees, I arrived at work this morning to discover an email from Eden Studios. Turns out they decided to include my Deadworld in a future release. Schweet.

What, some of you might wonder, is a Deadworld? Well, Eden Studios publishes the All Flesh Must Be Eaten zombie horror survival roleplaying game. It posits all manner of nasty situations (worlds, you see) where the dead have risen to eat the living. I generated a setting, a history, some story/adventure ideas and some living dead antagonists. They dug it. So, if you're curious how the 1950s, black ops and the living dead mesh, check out my humble entry into the upcoming (but not upchucking) volume Worlds of the Dead suplement for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I must admit I'm curious to see what other people came up with.


Well, I've got just over 100 pages left in The Dark Tower. I don't want to be here, today. I want to go home and finish reading it. Needless to say, it's "wicked good"!


So, last night we watched Kitchen Stories, a rather charming comedy about a Swedish researcher observing the patterns of movement of a single Norwegian male, day to day, in his kitchen. Parts of this movie made me grin, parts made me laugh out loud, and parts gave me pause. A nice treat.


Wow, I've got no less than five deadlines coming up. Razor Edged Arcanum, a couple of Australian sf anthos, a drabble and the Chizine hosted Memory themed flash fic...
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