January 18th, 2005

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Rad Monkeys and Me

Well, "Daddy's Little Yakuza" got the big rejection. Ah well. It actually showed up the day after I submitted, with the note, "This wasn't really what we were looking for." So, taking a page from Norman Partridge, I quickly constructed and submitted something else, which had a better shot. Ultimately, it also did not make the cut, but this time the rejection was much more personal, commenting that the story had a good "hard boiled feel," but due to the number of submissions and the limited space, yadda yadda. Bummer. Ah well, I try, try, again.

Well, Adam has submitted to the Mid-Atlantic Writers "Haunted Tour Guide to the Mid-Atlantic Region." I wish him well.

Had a gaming pow-wow on Friday, and it was fun. Less of a pow-wow than a general information sharing, I enjoyed myself. This looks like a "wicked good" group, and I look forward to it. At this point, I can only really work in generalizations, as everyone is still meditating on specific characters. I have some good metaplot incidents to work around, however, and I'm geeked.

I've been reading King's final volume of The Dark Tower, off and on over the weekend. Been staying up way too late reading it... Exciting, sad, and joyous all at once. Yesterday, Clegg's massive collection The Machinery of Night arrived... It's big enough to use when disciplining camels. It takes a prime spot on the stack of books "ta read". I also picked up a copy of Larry Brown's Father and Son, on the basis of a good mention in Christa Faust's Livejournal... And Peter Straub's In the Night Room has been on the pile for far, far too long... Too many exciting books to read, not enough fucking time. At least I don't feel like I'm wasting my time, I just have too little of it.

If I don't see another pile of laundry for a while, it'll be too soon. I am the laundry fucking masta. Man, am I sick of it right now.

Saw House of Flying Daggers over the weekend. It is very poetic, very metaphorical. The whole piece boils down to two men fighting over and destroying the object of their love. Seeing this as loyalists and insurrectionists destroying the country they are fighting over is an easy enough metaphor to read into the piece, even without the ever present threat of open warfare. As well, there was a meditation upon loyalty to an individual and loyalty to an ideal. Also, the colorful settings revealed inner workings in poignant ways. However, the film felt a little choppy, as though it was missing about 20 minutes. Ultimately, it was not as compelling as Hero and was, essentially, a different type of film.

So, the coming weekend will find most of the local sf/gaming population going to the con whose name phonetically resembles some sharpened edge dishes from King's Dark Tower world. Not me, though! Ha! I'll be home working. And Trista will be at work... working. Hmph. We cope. :)
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