January 11th, 2005

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Two in the Can, Ready to Go...

We Be Fast and They Be Slow...

I just sent off two stories. "Chillun Got Shoes" is a 2070 word piece, on route to the Mid-Atlantic Horror Professionals upcoming anthology, titled Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region. The 700 word, Joe Lansdale-inspired "Daddy's Little Yakuza OR Revenge of the Radioactive Monkey" is heading toward the delightfully titled Requiem of the Radioactive Monkey. Due dates for both of these is this Saturday. Egads, I am early. Here's crossing my fingers on both accounts. Not much money involved in these, but they both interested me, regardless. And if I get accepted, hey, it's another pub credit!

Next up, I am working on several more stories. Looks like Razor Edged Arcanum and Vintage Moon anthos might be getting some of my submissions this week. I've also been turning over a couple of sf ideas for some Australian anthologies, which I will try to put to paper.


It looks like the game I will be running for Kit, Adam, Kat and Trista will be White Wolf's classic, Mage. This week I am crashing out ideas for setting, stories, etc. This weekend, I'm hoping to have a sit down pow-wow chit chat, to get things more concrete and maybe get some characters generated (even if only in an idealized sense). I'm nervous city... Ultimately the problem breaks down to the old PATC (Put Ass To Chair). Next weekend, Kat and Kit are busy with a Boston con, so that gives me two weeks to cram things, before we begin playing. Current estimation suggests starting in the last weekend of January. We'll see if fact holds up to estimation.


I've been reading quite a bit, lately. Dark Tower 7 is a dangerous book to pick up, I don't want to put it down, again. It really makes me want to go back and read a bunch of King's other books, again. Then again, I've been chomping at the bit to reread the ouevres of Joe Lansdale, Doug Clegg, Christa Faust, Poppy Brite, Sam Shepard and Dave Schow. Dunno if that's gonna happen, though.

The Mage books I've been looking through are also interesting.

Peter Straub's Shadowland and William Hope Hodgeson's House on the Borderland are both intriguing.

I read Robert E. Howard's short story "Sword Woman" to Trista a couple of nights ago. Surprisingly strong portrayal of a woman (the central character, Dark Agnes) when you consider the tale was written in 1935. I wish for more, but apparently all Howard left were a couple of either fragments or first drafts (which may have been finished by other authors posthumously).


Movies we've watched... His Girl Friday was wonderful. The Ref has moved up to favorite X-mas movie. Real Women Have Curves was delightful. Friday the household had its brain melted by the inestimably bad Elizabeth Berkley in the Razzy winner Showgirls.

We managed to find Alias Season 3 at Best Buy, when I had a 10% off coupon. So, last night T and I watched most of the first ep of that season. Last week, we started watching Season 4 on TV, which is a weird experience, it removes some of the suspense, knowing that Vaughn, Weiss, her Dad, etc. are still among the living, but there is plenty of mystery as to what exactly happens. I am also looking forward to seeing Cronenberg in his cameo role.

Last night we also saw an ep of Medium, in which the main character seems not only to be a speaker with the dead, but also a precog and telepath. I suppose the title Medium Precog Telepath sounds like something you'd find in a personals column, but... That's more the show's speed. Seems like it might be fun, however.


My life seems very boring, yet it is anything but. The only actual boring bits involve my nine-to-five, which are something of a letdown from the joys of writing, gaming and watching.
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