December 3rd, 2004

there!, Hello

I must be PMSing

I've been going through wonky mood swings lately, and I don't even have a uterus. Sheesh.

But seriously, it's been a while. What am I doing these days? Well... Working things out. A couple of flash fic contests have sprung up and I'm eager to submit. One is being hosted by Mr. Kealan Patrick Burke, a cool cat found at:

The contest is at:

I haven't entered yet, but it looks great and I am turning through a nice little story, honing it to the less than 500 word limitations.

Another contest is being sponsored by this rascal:

at this entry:

No ideas for it yet, but one thing at a time. I am so glad it is the weekend.

My copy of Juon 2 arrived last night, as well as a few other Asian flicks.

Bloodrayne 2 is a pretty fun video game (I've managed to find some time to try it out). Delightfully gory, with an amusing story. Plenty of locked features to puzzle away at, and a trailer for a flick that looks to be a medeival period piece. Harumph, sounds exquisitely boring. It's directed by the questionable talent who made House of the Dead, another video game flick. However, this flick has both Michael Madsen and Ben Kingsley. Yep, Mr. Blonde and Gandhi in a video game flick. Well, everyone has to eat, I suppose.

Let's see... Around the trip I read a few books:

Max Allan Collins Two For The Money was a fun pair of crime stories in the Richard Stark vein (two novels collected). The first was a pretty much straight ahead caper tale, and the second deals with repercussions of the first. I dig this style, which is currently being used by Dan Simmons in his 'Viagra-Series' (his brother's description, not mine), Hardcase, Hardfreeze and Hard as Nails (also fun reads).

The Confession by Domenic Stansberry was a decently paced thriller. It tries to use an unreliable narrator to throw off the reader. Alas, for me it did not work, I saw right through to the heart of the mystery.

J.G. Ballard's High Rise was highly entertaining, which are words I never thought I would associate with a story about a high rise apartment building whose inhabitants descend into tribal structures (and worse), and commit brutal acts of murder, rape and depravity. Nor did I think I would associate that description with a work by J.G. Ballard, which are usually interesting, but not quite... Entertainments.

Peter Straub's Magic Terror is an interesting collection of "shorter" works. I don't know that I fully understood the first story ("Ashputtle" is subtle and probably requires a quieter reading area than an airport) but the following tales are beautifully evoked. I really dug "The Ghost Village". I've not quite finished it yet, still have three stories (and about 200 pages) to go. :)
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