November 30th, 2004

there!, Hello


Not drugs, though life certainly felt in a psychedelic fast forward. Following a pause.

Wednesday was annoying. The flights from Atlanta were delayed. So, we didn't leave. We waited for the first available out of Boston's Logan. 7:45 in the morning. Ick. Compensation: we flew first class. My cherry popping experience: never did first class before, I was always a coach kid.

Thursday, we got up too early, drove to Framingham to drop the car off at a Logan Express shuttle program, and then made the rest of the trip to Logan via bus. Plane took off, all right. Brief layover in Minnesota. (Actual commercial: Today's word is "Donchaknow.") We got into Portland OR at 1:15-ish, picked up our luggage (which arrived the day before) before anyone else on the flight got theirs.

Saw Lori and Al and met a whole slew of new people. Character clash with a couple, I don't think Mikie and Dillon are my type of people. The rest seem super.

I discovered how much I've changed. I had a rep. Lori, Al and John told folks about me -- too bad it was the me from five years ago. Not me anymore, really. Kind of sad. Everyone was prepped to meet this cold, calculating, wicked GM type guy. I'm sure they were disappointed. I've changed. Warmer. Not nearly so mean. I don't game nearly as much, either. No, I had nothing to contribute to Matt's LARP, other than a swan song by one of my old characters (whom I am not in touch with anymore and have no interest in ever playing, again). We played a World of Darkness LARP on Friday night. It was somewhat fun, but I felt out of it. Sad.

Hopefully, Kit's one-shot this weekend will go better. Not LARP, it's a table top thing, mostly home brewed. She's calling it "Thieves and Thaumaturgy" or "Pirates in Space." Thursday is Buffy. Perhaps it will end, this week. Who knows? I've been thinking of kicking off something new next year -- after Buffy has run its course. I entertained ideas of doing a longer Buffy thing, a second season of game, but that doesn't sound very fun, right now.

Then again, I am in a bad mood, today. Still exhausted. And grouchy because I realized how terrible my Daikaiju story actually is. The third act is absolute crap. Unsalvageable, at this point, since the deadline is today. Oh well, another missed opportunity. I will rewrite it none the less, since I am a sucker for finishing what I start.

Got a rejection for my Howard-style story "Keg and Cauldron", yesterday. I think it was actually sent last Friday, but I didn't get it 'til yesterday. Kindly written, the editor didn't say "you suck." What he said was "I've decided not to include a Howard-style story in my antho." Very nice. I'll send it to Weird Tales next. Probably physically mail it this weekend.

Well, Trista's habit of apologizing is driving me nuts. "I'm sorry" is her response to many things that it isn't actually applicable for. Just another British-ism, I suppose. The danger is: too much apologiac repetition makes one seem insincere.
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