November 24th, 2004

there!, Hello

Up, Away and Over

Off this afternoon to Oregon, to visit Lori and Al and the crew. I'm looking forward to it... We fly out tonight, fly back Saturday. Short trip, but hopefully a pleasant one.

Supposedly, the Friday after Thanksgiving they will be having a White-Wolf LARP, and T and I are invited. Promises to be interesting, especially since I haven't LARPed in about... 4 years? I hope its like riding a bike. :)

Well, writing has been rocking. I have beat up a Big Monster story for the Australian antho Daikatsu! And will hopefully have it ready to zap out on Sunday. Then, it's on to other stories. I've made a calendar of the deadlines for places I want to submit, so I can nail them out as fast as Dan-possible. I won't succeed at getting everything, but I hope to hit a fair number of them.

RPing was alright, last week. The Buffy Game went well, and Victorian Vampire was especially nice on Saturday eve. Otherwise, not much to report. Been busy like a maffa.

AZN films has too many cool flicks... I need more money... Or less debt. Hmmm.

Wish us luck on our eight hour plane ride.
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