November 16th, 2004

there!, Hello

Time, running rampant

A quick shout out to horrordiva, who accepted my "Spooky Yogurt" story for Mind Scraps... Thank you muchly, you fab-boo-lous horror diva, you!

Yep, dear readers, you got it. That's acceptance numero quatro for the year. I have far surpassed my new year's resolution, and have no desire to stop now.

I'm in deep on "Dead Man's Eyes" (which is showing its suckiness with each rewrite... I need some distance) and a terrbly fun tale for the Daikatsuji antho (giant monsters!). My mind is turning toward some output for the Twenty Epics (which wants epic stories in less than 10,000 words) and a couple other anthos/magazines currently seeking submissions. As well, I think I've got a new idea to flesh out for Signs and Portents... It's all good. And boy am I busy.

Last week I won Halo 2. Yep. I bought it on Tuesday and won it early Thursday afternoon. The graphics are awe inspiring, the depth of story is fantastic, and the shoot-em-up intensity is pretty wicked. Alas, the blasted thing just stopped en medias res (isn't that where things are supposed to START?), and it pissed me off. Halo 1 completed a story. Halo 2 is just middle ground, paving the way for Halo 3. Not a waste of time, though (since I had a ball while I was playing it), but disappointing never the less. Fewer of the awesome cut scenes would have allowed for more actual playtime, or even releasing the sucker as a double disc game would have been better. But no...

Let us hope that Bloodrayne 2, which I picked up last night at Bestbuy with a 10% off coupon, will endure better. Honestly, however, I don't know when I will have time for it, what with writing and prepping for Buffy on Thursday (shit hits the fan, and needs to hit it fast and hard, since this is the last session of the year and could very well be the last session evah) and Victorian Age Vampire this weekend.

I can't believe T and I go to Oregon next week. How did it get so fecking late in the year? I really need to get cracking on writing, before vacations eat up too much of the old time.
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