November 10th, 2004

there!, Hello

I am becoming a worse and worse livejournaler

I'm just Mr. Busy, I suppose. Since the experiment has comepletely fouled up for today, I suppose I can spare some time to jabber away.

Let's see. Right now, I have two stories in the (e)mail and am working on another. I shelved the Razor Edged Arcanum piece briefly (Dead Man's Eyes), to crank out two other stories (one with a pressing deadline, and the other because it was short). So, I've got "Spooky Yogurt" waiting for the Mind Scraps antho, and "Keg and Cauldron" waiting for Poe's Progeny.

Mind Scraps is a no theme antho, just eerie stuff with a sense of humor. I first heard about it, from the editor who mentioned it in her Livejournal (she's commented enough in this place, that I decided to add her to my friends). It seems that just about the time I sent my story her way, she got hit with illness. Here's to hoping she feels better, and that it's not my story's fault! (I am just a mess of bad vibes, it seems.)

Poe's Progeny has the theme that each story must be somehow related to the work of one of the classics (Poe, Hawthorne, Lovecraft, Wells, etc.), though not a derivative pastiche. Since I've been stuck in Howard-land, I chose Robert E. Howard as my muse, and the story grew from there. I started with the end, and worked my way backwards. I rather like the tale that emerged, and if it doesn't work in Poe's Progeny, I have a couple of other markets to try it out on. Now if only "Dead Man's Eyes" would go half as well! Writing that story is like pulling teeth...

I finished reading Al Sarrantonio's Hallow's Eve, and it was disappointing. Now, his collection Toybox had some real gems, but this novel did not catch me. It started out alright, meandered in a so-so direction, but ultimately left me cold.

Dark Tower 5, on the other hand, is very engaging. It's a Spaghetti Western, Post Apocalyptic, Dark Fantasy Story about everything that matters.

I've also been perusing Howard's short stories, some of Leiber's heroic short fiction, and comics. I have a couple of game ideas rattling around the noggin and no time to prep them (then again, no one to play them with, so I suppose that's fine).

Kat is writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I wish her luck, and get regular updates as to how many words she gotten through. I restrain myself from saying, well, that's only 36,000 words to go! I am amused by her comments, since I have endured just about all the same things myself. I'm interested in seeing how she'll handle it when she's finished the project. Will it be a relief? Or will she be struck by the hollowness of not having that monster taking up her time, anymore?
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