November 2nd, 2004

there!, Hello

Has it been so long?

Apparently it has.

Let's see, what can I put in here to get people up to date? Well, T and I are going to Portland for Thanksgiving and to Michigan for Xmas.

I've finished reading King's Dark Tower 4, Wizard and Glass, and moved into volume 5, Wolves of the Calla.

Saw The Grudge and it blew me away. Awesome in its ability to evoke terror. In an audience I expected to be noisy and disruptive, it lulled the crowd into gibbering terror or stunned silences. Quite surprising and wonderful reaction!

Halloween was decent. I stood in the yard, cowled and wearing a skeleton mask, and scared kids, teens and adults in even measures by suddenly moving and saying "Haaappy Hallowe'en!" One poor little lad (must've been eight, or so, dressed up like Spiderman) was so terrified, he could not bring himself to finish walking down the stairs, but called for his dad to "Come get me!" The Dad, of course, did. And then, I helped the kid overcome his spookies by shaking his hand, and bidding him "Go get lots of caaaandy!" in the same spooky voice I said, "Happy Halloween" in. Does that make any sense? Dunno, I'm weary today.

Ah, electioneering. Time to pull my lever, or poke my punchcard. Out with the old, in with the new, with all luck!

I'm kicking around the idea of cancelling the Buffy game for all time. I'm wondering if I'm motivated enough to continue it, or if I should move on to more writing. Right now, writing is winning out, though (obviously) nothing is final, yet.

Speaking of gaming, looks like the d20 glut is slowly pushing White-Wolf out of the market. Gamma World is hitting the dusty trail after the next book, and Scarred Lands, as well. Mondo bummers, those worlds were so well imagined! I suppose their new World of Darkness will propel them ever onward into the annals of game history, but its the little games that get ground into the turf that usually strike my fancy. Ah well.

Well, I finished the initial draft of Dead Man's Eyes, my submission for the Razor Edged Arcanum antho, but it needed some serious rewriting. Thus, I am enmeshed in that. A couple of tiny stories might make their way out in the near future, for some anthos, as well. Keepa you fingers crossed.
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