October 19th, 2004

there!, Hello


Finished the initial draft of the Razor Edged Arcanum story last night, and though the beginning is strong, the middle is pretty good, the ending turned out to be weak. Again. Sheesh! I think I tried to sum up too much in too little space, and I think it needs room to breathe. Dangerous, considering the story is already 7000 words long (I had hoped this would be a 5000 word story, whoops!). I have an idea of presenting the piece in four chapters (which it already is) each chapter concentrating on a specific character's POV, thus inviting the reader into four different mind sets. It already sort of does this, but with a little polishing, it could be pretty super.
I didn't get much sleep last night. I was up way too late reading Dark Tower 4 and Doug Clegg's The Necromancer. Another wonderful step in an already exciting mythos -- the Harrow cycle, which revolves around a house (initially) and the family responsible for it (in later books).

Each book (in Clegg's cycle) has a different tone, each book is a marvel and amazingly different. One of the worries I have about series is that sooner or later, things just don't change. Character arcs complete, and those characters just get into a rut. Not so with this series -- it is a series only tangentially.

This tangential series technique is something I have been considering pursuing in a cluster of mystery novels revolving around one cast in one midwestern city. Each book will take on a different character, really get into that character. Then, after I've done all I can with the individuals, I'll do one last novel which sums up the group dynamics, and then move on to another project... Just one of the many silly ideas I have. Not very original, when I put it this way, but the characters running around my brainpan are unique. To some degree, I'm experimenting with it in my Calender Girls stories (Yes I'm still working on them).
Trista is Miss Busy, today. Doesn't that sound like a kinky roleplaying thing? Miss Busy has some chores for you, and you'd better do them quickly! Wouldn't want to upset Miss Busy, now would we?

Reminds me of a dream I had, which I only vaguely recall. After waking from it, I had to immediately write down the title "Pick me, Pick me, Miss Naughty Tush!" The character in question, Miss Naughty Tush, was actually named something European (Natituch, or something), but in the manner of children everywhere, in my dream I changed it to something phonetically similar and ultimately insulting.
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