October 15th, 2004


Today's Second Wind

Well, I woke up on the grumpus side of the bed today. Harumph.

Imagine my surprise when I got to work and discovered an email for "Hunter's Rite". This is the story I wrote, and then had Dan Keohane rip to pieces, some time ago. Well, I'd rewritten it and submitted it to Blood Moon Rising, and I got an acceptance. Schwing! The Story will appear in the Next Issue of Blood Moon Rising, coming out this winter. But wait, there's more. The story will also appear in BMR's sister publication Werewolf Magazine (also due out this winter). Both of these mags are available through Shocklines.com and other internet stores. Both of them are print mags.

Coincidentally, I wrote the initial draft of the story after reading issue 1 of Werewolf magazine. However, since I couldn't find the submission guidelines for Werewolf, I sent it to BMR. Now it's in both.

I am gleeful.
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