October 14th, 2004

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Fun, Aside from the Dentist

So the current dentist sucks, but it's probably the one we'll stick with for insurance reasons. Fecking insurances. Let's see, what's the problems thus far with the trip? The hygenist poked all my gums to bleeding, and then commented, "There's a lot of bleeding here." Really? That would explain those red clumps I keep spitting into the seat-side sink. And here I thought it was toothpaste!

The dentist comes in, and swings his lame attempts at humor. I smiled, and chuckled, and bounced one back at him. (He commented how my gums are on the verge of peridontolis disease, which I've been hearing for years. So I opine, "The teeth are fine, but those gums have got to go." This is one of my Dad's favorite jokes, always mentioned after a trip to the dentist.) Mr. Aren't-I-So-FUNNY didn't crack so much as a grin. He just looked at me as though I were being serious. Okay, okay, so maybe he's playing straight man. That's fine. Then, he proceeded to tell me how incorrect I was... Strike-rutting-two.

Finally, the hygenist tried to sell me on the super delux $80 toothbrush, which I was considering looking into for Trista's sake (her mouth is decidedly unhappy, but that's another story). Needless to say, her used car salesmanship tactics royally irritated me, and ultimately decided me not to buy their silly electric toothbrush. Strike three, time for a new team up at bat. If only it were that easy. Fecking insurance.

My lovely revenge: the hygenist tried to put the demo model of toothbrush away, I told her to take it back out, so Trista and I could have a look at it. She did, and set the components off to the side. T and I never glanced once at it, so someone will have to repackage the demo, yet again. Hee hee! Petty, sure. Nevertheless, I am amused.


Trista and I are now flossing buddies. Dieting together has led to a noticeable weightloss. So maybe flossing together will lead to a noticeable plaque loss.


So, I am heartily jamming through Wizard and Glass and Little Girl Lost. So far, so wonderful.


I finally got a good draft of "It Comes to Dine" completed! Slight name change. Now I get to rip the thing apart and hopefully develop the final draft. Man, the ending was a challenge to find. I've never been so good at finding endings... Then again, a while back, I was no good at beginnings. I've improved. Practice, practice, practice.

So, I began outlining my next project. A heroic fantasy short I'm hoping to submit to an antho within the next month. That one actually has a beginning and an ending, yet for the moment I'm uncertain about what's happening in the middle. Hmph. My outlining technique is not terribly restrictive. Mainly I go for major beats. Then, as I roll along in the writing process, the story really defines itself. Sometimes it sticks to the outline, sometimes it goes strange places, yet stays thematically linked to the dramatic beats. Bizarre and I do not pretend to fully understand the process. Ah, art!


So, I missed the first half hour of Lost, last night. Bummer. I was very unhappy with myself. But the show still rocks. T and I watched the first three eps (I taped them) in a flurry over the weekend. Excellent story, so far. Though I missed the particulars, I think I got the gist of what I missed... I'll probably scoop up this sucker when it hits DVD.


So Trista is trying to cut down on her tele watching. I will be supportive. It'll help me cut down, too, and thus allow me the opportunity to pursue the many projects waiting in the wings. Writing and gaming and drawing, oh my!

This weekend, T and K will be going to New York state (with Dharia) for a yarn/knitting thing. Thus, I will be alone on Saturday. I'm pondering what to do with the time... Hmmm. All alone. I want to do something fun because why should I not? Just because the ladies are off doing their own thing doesn't mean I have to sit home and do the laundry. Hmm. I was pondering going to King Richard's Faire, but decided against it. Maybe I'll go see the play being held at the Calliope theatre, nearby. If nothing else, I could always go visit Tater and Sharon. Nah.

I'll probably stay home and write. But maybe...
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