October 12th, 2004

there!, Hello

A schweet time was had by all.

What a wonderful weekend! I haven't had so nice a weekend in a long, long time! It was relaxing, productive and just plain nice.

Started off with a bang. The household enjoyed Sushi and then The Thing. Very similar if you start to think about the two. :)

I never got around to the Rock and Shock festival. Not a regret, but a minor bummer. From Jon Merz's livejournal entry, apparently the number of attendees was outnumbered by staff. Ouch.

T and I enjoyed copious amounts of quality married time and then napped. I worked on "He Comes to Dine" version 3, and started to turn my thoughts to the next project. Finished Chuckie DeLint's Spirit in the Wires and it was very good. Also finished Gardner's Top of the Heap and the cover quote (something to the effect of "She Played the Odds and Lost!") has nothing to do with the story. At most, it pertains to a single tertiary character who gets maybe seven pages of story time. Sheesh. Good tale, nevertheless. Last night I started Little Girl Lost and had to drag myself away after 50 pages because I needed to get to sleep. Looks like an excellent piece. Also returned to King's Dark Tower, with volume 4, which I realized (just a short time ago) that I never finished. That's a book that smokes. So, I've got about 2600 pages of Dark Tower to go.

T and I went to a midnight madness sale at AC Moore, the craft store, which ended at 9:00. Not very midnighty. And there were so few people there, it could not conceivably be called madness. But we picked up some Halloween molds and candy wafers. We made a few of the critters -- cats, spiders, bats and punkins -- last night. Very tastey!

Yesterday, we had to deal with an infestation. These little bugs had invaded the larder. They got into enough things that we had to open most of the sealed boxes, to check for the fuckers. They invaded several shrinkwrapped packages -- mostly pancake fixins -- it was a nightmare. I felt tiny crawlies for the rest of the day. Humorously, we also found scads of the dead critters in our glassware, in the implement can, and in the microwave. Stupid little bastards, there isn't anything to eat in there! It's only funny until I wonder how many of the things we unwittingly consumed. Bleck.

A brief check online suggests them to be Red Flour Beetles, a different animal from the Confused Flour Beetle. Turns out their eggs often infest bags of flour -- there is nothing to be done on the packaging end, since the eggs are the same size as the granules of flour. Here's an interesting link:


All I have to say is, yuck, ick, gross.

Still, the weekend was wonderful. Trista didn't sell anything at the arts n crafts fair. I had something of a difference of opinion with Dharia about how the public views arts n crafts. T and I finished the current plot thread of a DnD story, and can finally set it aside without the thing hanging incomplete overhead like some sword of Damocles.

Ah, infestations and all, a good weekend!

Today, work and the dentist and then back to work! Harumph.
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