September 23rd, 2004


...For Tomorrow We Fly

Tomorrow Trista and I go to Florida, for a fun five day vacation. Hopefully the weather will permit us to enjoy ourselves.


So, I saw some great TV last night. I found Lost to be absolutely riveting. A perfect gem of a survival/suspense/horror show. The plot? Well, 48 survivors of a plane wreck find themselves on a tropical island. They're not alone there, you see. Something is in the jungle, but what? I recorded it last night, watching it alone, and was ready to watch it again with the household, almost immediately. Alas, the household discovered it was too late. Ah well. I can't wait for ep 2! Can't wait, can't wait!


I see I've committed a travesty in this journal. I've now seen the Chinese Action-Drama Hero twice (in the theatres) and never talked about it! Egads and zounds. I will correct this, momentarily.

Hero is absolutely fabulous. A visual poem, an intelligent film, and a marvel. The story has been recounted several times in a variety of places, but here's the run down. Jet Li ("Nameless") has produced the weapons of three of the most notorious assassins in the six kingdoms of Historic China, and is summoned to the court of the King of Qin to tell his story. The King, you see, has initiated a bloody war to unite the six provinces, and has lived in wariness of these people. So, Jet Li is a Hero for having dispatched them. What follows is Nameless' stories about HOW he defeated the assassins and the King's interpretation of what REALLY happened, followed by a third set of stories with another slant. Excellent film. The colors were gorgeous, the action scenes fantastic, and the introspective core very exciting. Some of the effects are a little strange, but this movie falls into the Oriental aesthetic that FX do not have to look REAL so long as they look COOL (aka interesting, intriguing, or merely fascinating). This film is a gem. I heartily recommend this film.


Last night, Trista and I watched the first 25 minutes or so of Ginger Snaps a teen werewolf picture (from Canada). So far, so fun.


Well, I sent out "Hunter's Rite" to Flesh and Blood magazine, yesterday. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for an acceptance.


Tonight marks the first session (aka 'episode') in the household's Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Role Playing Game mini-campaign (aka 'Season'). The Season Name is "Imperium In Imperior," which reveals nothing and everything. This episode's name is classified, for now. Kat, Shaugn and Trista, as the Slayer and Scoobies, against the naked evils that can only be found in... Ohio circa 1989! BUMBUM BUUUUUUMMMM!

Tonight we go to Pizzaland for dinner, since I got an acceptance letter for "The Vampire Switch"! Who'd of thought saucey dough and cheese would be so exciting?
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Blast from the Past

That's Kat, Me, Trista and Bruce Campbell. This pic is from a looong time ago (last year sometime), but a good day. He came to Tatnuck Bookstore in this area, and signed his autobiography If Chins Could Kill.
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Thanx to Kat and Shogun for this little thang:

1. Think of a word you would use to describe me.
2. Go to Google Image Search and search for that word.
3. Select the picture you see as most fitting, and post it (or a link to it) as a reply.
4. Post this meme in your journal (if you particularly feel like it)

Please do not include the word. I enjoy the mystery.