September 21st, 2004

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Ghostbreakers and Maggie Cheung in Latex

Last night I watched Irma Vep, a piece of French cinema starring Maggie Cheung (Hong Kong actress, recently played the assassin named Flying Snow in Hero). Excellent flick. Maggie plays herself, cast to star in a French remake of the silent classic Les Vampires, though she does not speak a word of French. She arrives late, and is subjected to the chaos of the French filmmaking process. Funny, touching, and strange. Ah, and Maggie's costume for the film is stylized after Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume from Batman Returns, so she's in latex for much of the film. Bonus plan!


Well, I got an email of acceptance, today!

My Ghostbreakers story, "The Vampire Switch," which made it in on time (thanks to different time zones), was accepted! Woo-hoo! The anthology appears as a pay for it PDF initially; hopefully, it will also get a trade paperback version, later on. ::fingers crossed:: More info when I get it! The unifying theme of the antho is two fold, and found in the title -- Ghostbreakers: Vampire Hunters. What is a ghostbreaker, you might ask? Well, it's an investigator of the unknown. Harry D'Amour, Sherlock Holmes, Abraham vanHelsing, Scooby Doo. Usually, the investigator is empowered with abilities beyond the mortal ken (psychic, supernatural, etc). This time around, the plots involve vampires, in some way.

My story, "The Vampire Switch", is a piece set in 1950s Grosse Point, Michigan (a ritzy suburb of Detroit), and deals with a brutal murder of a wealthy businessman by what appears to be, bum-bum-bah!, a Vampire. Is it really? Who is responsible? My ghostbreaker Marchand perceives the hint of more going on, in this case, than the obvious -- but what could it be? Guess you'll have to read the story to find out!


Finished Damnation Alley last night. Good piece of post apoc sf. Zelazny's poetic language is really something I love. The story is good (not super, but good) and the characters are interesting, but the language is the real cornerstone of the piece. I'll have to dig up the original short story some day soon!


I think "Hunter's Rite" will be ready to be sent out by the end of today. Woo-hoo! Got to keep the momentum!


So far, I have actually accomplished most-if-not-all of my new year's resolutions, this year.

Sold a story, check (technically two!).
Lost three pants' sizes. Well, two and a half, so a little more to go.
Stopped eating fast food so galdamn much. Check.
Paying off credit cards. Put a dent in them, and have reduced my spending.

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