September 20th, 2004

there!, Hello

A weekend well spent

Quick Updates:

Thursday, went to Boston. Good trip. Didn't get lost, got a free lunch with Good-Witch Wendy. A smoked turkey and apple sandwich from Rebecca's. Tasty.

RPing was a little on the boring side. Not much for me to do, while the group makes characters, alas. That's mostly a personal thing. I just read my town description and answered questions. So far, we've got a punker chick witch, a goody-two-shoes turned Slayer, and an on the lam robot shop teacher in 1989 small town Ohio. The Buffy game will be a shorter run thing. Maybe three interconnected stories, shouldn't take longer than as many months. Sort of a half season, if it were a tv show.

Friday was loooong, but a good day. Worked on a Paydarfar project at work, got the editing suggestions from Dan Keohane. All told, some good, some bad. They were a revelation about some of my weaker sentences. I worked up a revision of "Hunter's Rite," and it should be ready to send out this week. The question is, where do I want to send it? Hmmmm.

I managed to scan a huge chunk of my Cthulhu collection. I left work at 6. On a Friday!?

Friday evening, I cooked dinner (chicken strips) and then the household went to gaming in the wedge, and hung out with some really cool folks. I am car-guy. I drove Kit, Mike, Adam and Jill to the video store to rent Happiness, but I didn't actually watch it. Played Guillotine with Kat and Trista. Had a lot of fun talking about sex, relationships, and other minutae.

Saturday was rainy, kind of a blow off day. We finished off the Sopranos. We hung out.

Sunday was also something of a blow off day. Rest and recuperate. Bought the Buffy GM screen and a comic book box. Cleaned up, some. Got together a bunch of my paperbacks/hardcovers to sell to a used book store.

Read: more Charles Birkin. Finished Al Sarrantonio's Totentantz. Nearly finished Roger Zelazny's Damnation Alley.
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