September 9th, 2004

there!, Hello


Well, yesterday was a productive day. I sent out two submissions, first to a Flash Fiction contest and then to an online zine (which pays money) called Ideomancer.

My flash fiction entry, "Fertile Fruit," was 530 words long, and man was that a tough thing to write. You'd think flash fiction should be easy, right? Just yadda yadda done. Let me tell you, brothers and sisters (a strange carryover from one of the reviews I just wrote), they are a challenge. Like poetry, every word counts. Every goddamn word. No throwaways, here. Nothing extraneous. And you have to have a beginning, middle and end. Try it some time. Now try it again and don't go for a copout joke story. Do something moody. Evoke horror (beginning, middle and end) in 600 words or less.

My Ideomancer entry was a story I wrote 3 years ago, and finally rewrote to perfection this week. "Cry Havoc!" the story is called, and it's a sort of Survival Horror (Night of the Living Dead or Ketchum's Ladies Night) piece with hellhounds. I got the idea for this story after we moved to Massachusetts. Trista was already in school and I was unemployed, but we had breakfast together every day. One morning, I watched her climb down the stairs, cross the parking lot and go to her car, and my brain fixated on a horrible image. What if she got attacked by hellish beasts before she made it across the lot? The idea freaked me out, especially since I saw it in Dario Argento/Lucio Fulci Technicolor gore. I toned that aspect down, but kept the emotions high strung. (As a side note, man did I hug Trista when she got home. Weird some of my best horror ideas come from wondering how I would feel if Trista met X-terrible fate. Guess we can see what's important to me. Any potential stalkers out there, take note: if you want to completely destroy me, you'll have to do something that doesn't affect Trista, since just the thought of horrors committed on her make me a very productive citizen. I write and write and write.) So, I was reading through the story last week, saw some places to tighten up, to rewrite. Originally the story was almost 10000 words long. I originally pared it down to about 7000 words. When I sent it out yesterday, it was 6400 words.

Tonight I have the dubious pleasure of paying my credit card bill. Ugh. Well, at least it's finally under 6k. Hopefully after tonight, it'll be under 5k.

We watched ep 1 of Six Feet Under (one of my initial forays into Netflix). Excellent show: funny and miserable at the same time.

I think Trista prefers me going through Netflix, since it saves us money, and we don't have to move the suckers. I still intend to buy Good Movies/Shows on DVD, but this'll keep my collection from growing in those weirdly expensive spurts. At last count I had around 600 DVDs (that was before I sold a bunch to the local comix/used DVD shop for store credit). So, with this rental thing, I won't be seeing 1000 DVDs any time soon. The movers (in two years) will undoubtedly thank me for this. Now, if I could only find a mail order library that carries limited edition hardcovers from Cemetary Dance, Subterranean Press, etc.
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