September 2nd, 2004

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Demon Movie Night and Upcoming Events

Well, we had a house full of folks last night. Actually it was six people in an apartment. Whatever. We watched the B-movie extravaganza (is that the proper word?) Night of the Demons. I watched the flick a long time ago with my mom (anyone familiar with this flick now knows just what kind of twisted fam I come from), and I haven't seen it in years. There's a reason. It's a baaaad, baaaad movie. Yet, fun, in an odd sort of way.

Joe kept interrupting at points, asking how We will do certain things. How We will get music (when I already told him Al Grigg offered some soundtrack, and i could probably convince Carey to do likewise). How will We do sound effects (uh, hello, post production?)? Basically he has no idea what filming a movie is. He is of the opinion that we can just start shooting with no prep work.

Then again, he's never made a movie before. Perhaps, I need to explain things to him. Yes, I believe I do. No Prep=Shit. Prep, in our case, still = shit. We have no budget, after all. However, I like to think it's a more professional level of shit than what we might have with absolutely NO prep work. Hell, Night of the Demons had 60-72 hours/week (12 hour days, after all) of work put into it (was it four weeks of shooting? That's 240-288 hours). Does Joe believe we can make a movie of similar ahem quality in a Saturday afternoon?


Gaming weekend starts tomorrow. A few of the games actually look fun, maybe Trista and I will venture to one or more of them (a Dark Ages: Mage game sounds right up her alley).


Got a box from last night (did I tell Trista? I think I forgot. Well, Trista, if you're reading this: I got a box from last night!). Had my copy of G. Rainer Wormser's The Scarecrow and Other Stories, a collection of vintage macabre fiction (from the early 1900s), published by Midnight House Press. Very excited to read it. MHP always makes the good books...

I just read a short story called "The Harlem Horror" by Charles Birkin (from the MHP edition of the same name), and found it delightfully gruesome. Amazing little gem of a chiller from 1968-ish. I seem to enjoy the vintage horror more than the stuff currently produced, alas. Perhaps this will serve as fuel for me to reinvigorate my own work with a touch of that old-school class.


Today is Mellonie Fergasson's birthday. No spelling error, that's the real deal. Happy B-day, Mel! Tonight we go out to dinner with her. Should be nice.

Mel has to be the most open minded and sweet natured Seventh Day Adventist I've ever met. She is a truly complicated person, and I'm glad to know her.
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