August 16th, 2004

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Snaking Hairclots

Well, I finally got to break out my drain snake this weekend, after I slipped in the bathtub and fell out of the shower.

Thank goodness I missed the towel cabinet (a big, wooden monstrosity screwed to the wall, rather immovable). I have dreaded falling out of the tub and slamming my head, eye or mouth (three different dreads), into the juggernaut, and ending up bleeding, blind, or spitting teeth (see how the dread figure in?). Instead, I did the old sit up in mid air trick, and slammed the backs of my knees on the porcelain. Ouch, but not OUCH! I fell because the water wasn't draining, you see. The floor was all soapy nasty. Oh, and I wrench the shower bar out of its place. Luckily it's a spring rod, not mounted (fixed) to the wall, so I could slide it back home.

So, later that afternoon/morning, while Trista was at Claytime painting and Kat was waiting for the date that didn't happen (he canceled), I broke out the old drain snake and went to town. After a brief false alarm (the coil at the end got stuck in the wall, and I thought it was going to require a real plumber) I finally succeeded in extracting about half a foot long hair clot, man was that gross. It looked like a drowned rat, hanging on my drain snake... Then came the joyous taste of removing it from my snake. It was cold and slimy. Altogether, a none-too-rewarding experience. But fun and interesting nonetheless!

And I passed up Horrorfind Weekend for this joy!

Let's see, what else cool happened?

Well, Friday I sent in "The Dread Menace" for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG antho.

Thursday, I wrote and polished, polished and wrote. Started developing a spooky/funny sitcom for a Bravo contest (Situation: Comedy) and a workplace satire sitcom.

Saturday was no-state tax day in MA. I ended up at That's Entertainment, and picked up some RP stuff.

Played a Victorian Age Vampire session (which I rank as so-so), a Call of Cthulhu session (which has potential, but I still grumbled about it, afterward), and am making preparations for gaming while Al visits (he arrives Thursday, leaves next Tuesday). He's requesting Silver Age Sentinels, so I suppose my brain now turns toward supers...

Bought Kill Bill vol 2, got a nifty box to hold both volumes. Saturday morning, I got my region 3 DVDs, and the player should arrive tomorrow. Couple of spooky shows, an all region comedy (which we watched last night) called God of Cookery, and the Japanese spec ed of Kill Bill 1.

I finished Richard Laymon's Madman Stan and Other Stories and it was so-so. Actually, a couple of the stories were wonderful; most of them didn't work for me. I started reading Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose and Christopher Golden's Body Bags.


Tip of the Day: You know there's something wrong when you have no sexual fantasies, anymore.


Had a dream where I was going through one of my stories with an editor. She finally told me that I should just forget the thing, because it was told from the wrong character's POV. Essentially, there was nothing for the main character to gain or lose, so I shouldn't even include that character. Upon reflection, that editor was right, and I need to rewrite "Skunked"... Hopefully, that editor returns in the future, to help me through some other stories.
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