August 11th, 2004

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Emotional Smorgasbord

Yesterday was a long fecking day and made me realize the depths of the mistake I made deciding to work for two bosses (while maintaining a writing career). Ah, the allure of the money. Let me tell you: Boys and girls it ain't worth it.

Yesterday was all day training for job number 2 (which is only supposed to take up 20% of my work week). I could have stayed until about 8 in the pm if I wished Started at 9 in the am. I could go back today and tomorrow if I like. If I really want to I could stand on my head and invite chipmunks to munch on my nuts. I vacated at 5. Man, was it a long and drawn out experience. So, I was hanging out with three chicks from Paydarfar's Neurology lab and a software guy from Buffalo. The jokes got old, the language quickly developed into concepts I was unfamiliar with and my participation was pretty much done by lunch. And yet, I stayed until after 5:30.

Yucky, yuck. Splutter and spout.


So, I ordered the all region DVD player, today. With shipping it's 70 bucks. Here's the specs from

Yamakawa DVD 288KVGA All Multi Region Code Free Player w/ Karaoke
Plays: DVD-Video, DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, and MP3 CDs
Progressive-scan video output for seamless, flicker-free picture
Region free (multi region, code free, zone free) for viewing DVDs from all regions
Karaoke function
Product Description
The DVD-288KVGA is at the top of the 200 series from Yamakawa and is a pro for entering the world of digital media. Nothing has been left out. Next to DVD-video and Audio-CD's, the much touted formats of MP3, VCD and SVCD are supported and above that the new media of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW on which 3000 MP3 music titles can be stored.DVD-288KVGA boasts a built in Dolby Digital Decoder and the ability to attach 6 analog outputs for Home Theatre Systems. For the professionals the 288KVGA supports a VGA output for computer monitors bringing adaptability and convenience to the experience. The all encompassing video and audio adjustment possibilities with default values for audio, contrast and brightness and innovative dialog control, including slideshows of JPEG graphics and pictures bring this model to the top of home entertainment. Support of CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW and the ability to update via CD-R give this can-do player the crown it deserves. Karaoke function included.

And supposedly it can convert PAL recorded discs to play on NTSC. 70 bucks. I'll report on all its bells and whistles when it shows up. Of course, first I'll need a Region 2+, PAL disc.

Then, I discovered the silly Japanese altogether Kill Bill isn't out yet... Wait for it. But I can order the uncut, unedited Volume 1 from Japan. Which I still might go for.

Or I can get some Hideo (Ringu) Nakata horror flicks from Japan. Woo hoo!


Watch *The Night Stalker* last night. I love that movie! Carl Kolchak, reporter in 1971 Las Vegas, discovers that gruesome murders are being committed by a vampire! Easily one of the best made-for-TV flicks ever. It was released on ABC. Gives me a wee bit of hope for my prospects, should I actually net the Disney/ABC fellowship.


One thing I neglected to mention. We went jogging/walking every day of the weekend. Three laps each day (Friday thru Sunday), one lap=1 and 1/8 mile. Thus, for the three days, we did 10 and 1/8 miles. Jogged at least half of it. Schweet and schwell.


The Good Al comes in next week, for some fun, sun and RPing. It'll be nice to see him. :)

Too bad Kat will be leaving next week, to help her sister move back to college. We'll miss her. :(
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