August 9th, 2004

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Scooter Pooping through the Making-Ends-Meet Job

Weird question: Why is it I feel embarassed at the size of my DVD collection. When New People show up at the apartment, sometimes they have a religious experience orgasm over the silly thing. They make such a big deal out of it. Sometimes this really bothers me.

Le sigh.


Saw The Manchurian Candidate Saturday afternoon. I rather enjoyed it. Johnathan Demme's best movie since Silence of the Lambs.


Finished Tamara Thorne's Moonfall and the last section really cruised. Alas, I also read The Sorority: Merilynn and saw similar plot devises. I look forward to book three of The Sorority, however, as that trio seems to be a little better written. More engaging. Dunno.

I also finished From Russia With Love and am glad to be done with it.

I've got a big old stack of Leisure Horror Novels waiting to be read, and I don't know if I'll be getting to them anytime soon... Sheesh. Who am I kidding? I have big old stacks of BOOKS period waiting to be read... Yoiks!


Yesterday, the household played Victorian Age Vampire, and it was fun. Chapter 2 of the current story in Ce Grand Trompeur chronicle. I don't know that I will be blue booking (ebooking?) this one in lj, but so far it's going nicer than the first story. No combat whatsoever (only the barest amount on the horizon), this is a game of social intrigue. :) Kat seemed to have some fun, even though I pulled the carpet out from under her by introducing one of the Advanced Storytelling Techniques of a parallel story (that is, two stories simultaneously, one with pregenerated characters, one with the normal characters). Next chapter will be business as usual, though -- Adamina and Eleanor, that is.


My artistic aesthetic is apparently highly different than that of my peers. I prefer slow paced movies. I don't know that I could call a movie boring merely because of its pace. For me a boring movie is lacking on many different levels. ::Shrug:: Apparently, I am a minority in this department.

This notion comes about from a conversation about the original Manchurian Candidate. ShogunShaughnICan'tSpellHisNameYet was the only one of us who saw the original and mentioned that it was a great movie, but slow (a little boring). That got my mind turning. He followed this up with the notion that We Who Have Been Raised on Jerry Bruckheimer Crap have difficulty sitting still for two hours.

I am pleased to say I enjoy sitting still for two hours, and often wish for a return to less hectic pacing. The movies I write are slow to develop (thus they must suck). When breakneck paced flicks work, they work. Kill Bill vol 1 comes to mind. But slower paced movies work just as well. Kill Bill vol 2 comes to mind. So does Martin Scorsese's ouvre. So does The Night Stalker, and the other great flicks from the pre-MTV era. Just as synthesizers came to oversaturate music, so has speed for speed's sake come to saturate flick pacing.


Speaking of Kill Bill. I have found an all region DVD player available on Since I'm saying forgetaboutit to Horrorfind weekend (though I'm still taking time off, I'll work on writing), I think I'll take the money and buy that DVD player and the Japanese 4-hour, uncut Kill Bill (released theatrically as a single volume and with no black and white jarring to the wonderfully gory nastiness).

I will miss seeing all the cool folks at Horrorfind (Lansdale, Clegg, Combs, Dourif, etc), but I think this is something I need to deny myself so that I can accomplish paying off debts and saving up for a house. :) I know, buying a regionless dvd player isn't exactly saving money. But in a weird way, it is. $120 (for DVD player and Kill Bill) is much less than the hundreds I'd spend on hotel, travel, food, etc.

I did NECON, that's enough for me for one year.

Then again, I don't know where I'd PUT a second DVD player, so maybe I shouldn't get one just yet...
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