August 6th, 2004

there!, Hello

Wake Up Laughing

I did this morning. Hee hee. Har har. I heard the newest Bushism.

"The enemies of our country are resourcesful and intelligent, and so are we. They never stop thinking of ways to harm our country, and neither do we."

Ah the elegance of that statement.

Last night, we had Pizza Land. My quiet celebration of Ian Barstow of Signs and Portents saying "Yes". I immediately sent off an email, asking, "So what happens next?" This morning, I got Ian's reply: "Now it gets edited and put into the system for production." Schwing! Production, baby! I dare not speak of it out of fear that this joy will wilt and fail. I'm already terrified that the magazine will fold before I see my name in print. Are these concerns normal?

As a humbling factor, last night I also did laundry. And watched the beginning of a humrously edited-for-television *Vampire in Brooklyn*. And hacked out a Real First Draft of "The Dread Menace," my first All Flesh Must Be Eaten submission. Now it no longer reads like a book report (it's sexier, in the parlance of writing), and it's pretty cool. Alas it's 40 words too long, but I can pare it down. Then again, looking at my livejournal entries, that go on waaaaay too long, I wonder if I am capable of being succinct. I'm a very wordy person, in the times when I am not talking -- figure THAT one out. Now comes the difficult chore of uber-editing the manuscript, and then putting it into the format of games (which means inserting characters to mean < i > italics, < b > boldface, <1> <2> <3> font size, and other niggling details, like as turning '...' into '.-space-.-space-.' There's a lot of bizarreness that goes into assembling material into a publishable format for RPGs. This done, I get to submit it and got no response as to whether its accepted of not for another couple of months.

I believe this to be my least favorite aspect of the writing biz: there is no such thing as instant gratification/validation. You have to wait far too long for rejections. A lot of places don't seem to favor the ideas of multiple or simultaneous submissions, either. Though these concepts sound the same, they are quite different. Multiple subs is sending more than one story/article/thang to the same magazine. Simultaneous subs is sending the same story to several magazines. No multiples means I can only have one story at a time at a magazine (I have to wait the three months until it is accepted or rejected before I can send something else their way). No simultaneous means I have to wait for the story to be rejected/accepted before I try it in another market. Sure, these sound kind of silly, but they're still mondo pains in the tuckus. Especially, when you consider the limited number of markets. But I digress. :)

Still, I am happy and I love my career (writing). Most certainly at this moment, when it seems to be taking off!
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