August 5th, 2004

there!, Hello

Back from Bean-Town

Went to Boston this morning, with me boss, to try and pitch our lab invention (a dynamic stimulator) to a touch lab guy (Geoff Bove, co author of my first ever science paper)! Boy was he geeked. He loved it. There are a few improvements to be made, alas, but none of them are programming. All of them are things Pete (my boss) needs to correct on the physical apparatus.

Been a busy beaver, working on Deadworlds for a cattle call from Eden Publishers (for their Zombie Survival Horror RPG aptly titled *All Flesh Must Be Eaten*). My idea is centered on the 1950s. I dig it so far. If it doesn't work for them, maybe I'll turn it into a piece of fiction. I have a couple of ideas for Deadworlds... What is a Deadworld you ask? Well, simply put, it is a Reason. It is a Setting. It's a 2200-4500 sneak peak into a land where zombies are active. History, Where We Are Now, and the kinds of critters roaming the land. The game is a generic Zombie Survival Horror Game and as such is pretty fun, pretty inventive -- who'd of thunk there was so much to do with the living dead? In the core book alone, there are seven different worlds. I've got some ideas for maybe eight more (though only four ideas really WOW me, or are more develoepd than a "Whatabout Zombies and Dinosaurs?").

In the meantime, I've been redeveloping my Borderlands idea. Trying to get to the heart of it, and make it truly, truly frightening. I've also been trying to crack open the Abbadon Inn series of novels -- find entry into writing for them, not reading them. :)

Just found out that Joe R. Lansdale (a literary god) wrote two action novels under the pseudonym Jack Buchanan. Shocklines had them up for auction, and I tried to bid on them. No luck. I topped out at 5 bucks each for something called "Stone: MIA Hunter" volumes 3 (HANOI HELLHOLE!) and 4 (MOUNTAINTOP MASSACRE!). These are early Lansdale, and look exceptionally cheesy. Doing a quick Ebay search, I found these very same titles available for BuyItNow $0.75 a-pop. Yep, 75 cents each! :) Some suckers'll pay anything for a Lansdale (whut wouldja dooo-oo-ooo for a Lansdale?). More often than not, I am one of those suckers. (Though I still haven't bought *Bumper Crop*, yet! Dummy!)

I've been meaning to pull down my collection of Joe and give it a read through, again... I know, I own something like 40 books, but each and every one of them's a gem! Weird as hell looking, sometimes. Scarier than hell; funnier, too. Le sigh.

Speaking of rereading, I've been meaning to pull Ramsey Campbell off the shelf and give him a go-again. Of course, first I need to make it through *Moonfall* and *From Russia With Love*! *From Russia...* has gotten better now that James Bond has shown up. I cranked through much of it last night. I am surprised at the levels of mysogyny and racism though. Shocking, in these times.

*Signs and Portents* -- the UK rpg magazineg -- picked up "Paranoid Paperwork". I knew they had taste! Yay, me!
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