August 2nd, 2004

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All Gaming, All the Time

Well, I played Deadlands with Trista last week -- a two parter I wrote called "Cattle Rustlers!" about a snake-oil-salesman, a trio of brothers, a gang of desperados, and a talking cow. The first part ended frustratingly, and Trista went kinda tantrum berserk, and I started quesitoning whether or not I had the GMing chops. Friday night, we finished off the story, and I can fairly say, yeah I think I still do. The story ended well, with plenty of loose ends for the campaign to pick up at a later date.

Sunday afternoon, we started story two of Victorian Age Vampire, and it went very well. I had a ball, the players said they had a ball, and the festivities took place AT a ball (well, a party), so balls were had by all. I got to introduce a majority of the cast (nowhere near all) for the chronicle. And I picked up a few cool quirks for folks along the way (as well as an exceptionally challenging quirk -- one fellow blinks alot. Like three times as fast as anyone. And playing that, well, it started fucking with my eyes. Que sera sera.). One character has gone through at least three different voices, finally sounding like James Mason (I do sound a bit like God, don't I?). So, plenty of little teasers, big events, and catty dialogue. Three and a half hours, with no combat or dice rolls of any kind (none that come readily to mind). A wonderful session.

Saturday was busy with going and doing.

We went to the mall, tried on clothes (well, I tried on clothes). If the trend continues, I will COMFORTABLY be a size 36, this Fall. I fit into 36, but the pocket space is a little tight. As I carry keys, pens and ID, I need the pocket space that doesn't feel too out of sorts. Now, brace yourselves, at the beginning of this year, I was wearing waist size 42 (loose and comfy) and could cram my all into a 40, with tight pockets. Jesu Caro Bambino! XieXie, Dharia; XieXie, Trista; XieXie Kat. (XieXie=Thankyou in Chinese) For encouraging, suggesting, and going with this strange and unusual diet action thing.

That afternoon, we went to Darius' party. It always amazes me how much he cooks at his own parties. It also amazes me how young he is, just turned 21. Which means I've been gaming longer than he's been alive. Strange, the group I felt most comfortable in -- not the gaming geek crowd, but Trista's Stitch 'n Bitchers. Weirdly enough, the gaming geek crowd made me feel like a novice. Perhaps I am not the ubergamer I thought I was. Gotta give a shout out to the nice gamerfolks I chitchatted with, Mike, Noah, Shaughncan'tspellitbutitsoundslikeSeanand goesbyShogun, and Mike's friend, whose name escapes me (was it Lyndsy; NO it was JESS!)? Big shout out to the SnB crowd, as well as Jordan's friend Kat-2 (so named, because I already know a Kat, I live with her, in fact). Humorously, if you say Kat-2 really fast, people may feel the urge to say *gesundheit*.

After the party, we went to the Bijou, to see the flick Malevolence. Sneak World Premier. I may very well appear on the DVD, saying (what I hope was) "The best American made horror film in the last 10 years. It wears its heart on its sleeve; a heart it has ripped out and stabbed a couple of times." Met the director before the show, met the lead actor after the show. Met Gunnar "Leatherface" Hanson (again, met him initially in 96 at the WHC in Niagara Falls), and bought a picture. The pic is of GH in Leatherface duds, holding a hammer in the butchery room of TCM's farmhouse. He kindly penned, "To Daniel and Trista, You're Next!" and signed it.

Malevolence is interesting for several reasons, and probably mostly because I'm a (not quite uber) fan of the 70s style knife kill flicks. Actually, it isn't a knife kill flick, precisely, though the fear of Woman is a strong characteristic of the movie. Also, it feels like something is missing -- there's a bull skull headed human skeleton bodied wall hanging that has no explanation. It followed the beats of the typical 70s horror flick, but it took its time getting there, which is nice. Started out (an almost obligatory) knife kill legacy set up -- the kidnapped child watched his kidnapper murder a woman, thus scarring him. Then, it turns the clock forward 10 years, and goes for a bank robbery thing. The robbers (people in their late 20s, early 30s) and a kidnapped mom-and-daughter pairing, end up the potential vicitms of ghoulish slaughter. Slowly paced -- nice to see that, actually. It knows where it comes from, and plays (somewhat nicely) on that playground. It overstays its welcome a little, but has a nice zinger at the end. Best American horror flick in the last 10 years (really, what else is there to compete with since 94?). Asian horror still blows it away (Audition, Ringu, le sigh), but they currently rule the horror film industry. They are not caught up in the silly serial killer thing, that Americans seem to be caught in.

My reading life is a little weird right now. I'm stuck in the middles of things. Tamara Thorne's nun/gargoyle/spooky little town novel (*Moonfall*) just isn't doing it for me. I don't know what I was expecting, but this ain't it. Likewise, *From Russia With Love* is a little, well, disappointing. Although, looks like next chapter the Russian Babe will arrive, so maybe it will pick up. However, I devoured the *Buffy: the Vampire Slayer RPG*. Quick reading, interesting system, and very exciting prospect.
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