July 28th, 2004

there!, Hello

laptop blues and the age old question

All right, I'm getting tired of the lazy, slow as mud lap top. I think it is time to dedicate it solely to writing utensil, and strip away everything else. I don't use it for my 9-5, I only use it for my 6-11. And as a CD player. :) Time to purge just about everything else off of it.

And time to run some antivirus shit! Galdammit!


Well, my raise kicked into my last paycheck, and we get another one this Friday. It's nice to have some money again. I can pay off credit cards. I think Trista and I (all right, just me; Trista was already somewhat overcompensative in regards to spending, that is, she doesn't spend money unless her arm is twisted behind her back) have really gotten on track with this whole money monitoring.

I'm pretty proud of me, sometimes.


So, I visited www.raglan.com, and I discovered scads and scads of open antho submissions. Wouldn't you know, they're mostly royalty only...

Beggars, however, cannot be choosers.


I begin to wonder at the importance of Art in writing. As a young, up and comer, I feel I need to make a decision, as to whether I should write just anything that comes to mind or if I should tailor output to be saleable.

Ah, decisions, decisions. The artist or the whore...

Maybe later, after I develop a readership, I can shoot for artist. Right now, though, I think I need to be a whore.
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