May 26th, 2004

there!, Hello

A brief encounter with reality.

Well, now that I've documented the overt beats of the Victorian Age Vampire story, now I can return to the strange semblance of reality I call life in Massachusetts.

What the hell have I been up to lately?


Spent part of my allowance yesterday to get Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD. IMHO, one of the top ten movies from last year.

I'm done with draft 2 of my (still, as yet) untitled John Carpenter Film Contest script. I'm loving it. Not bad, not bad at all. Slow build up, and one of my favorite strong female characters (that I've written, anyway).

Got a rejection slip for "...Bananas" Saturday. Oh well, next it goes to Asimovs.

Finished Bab-5. The ending is beautiful, poetic, magical and magestic. A perfect end to a nearly perfect show. Even the dogs of its episodes is superior to most television that I've seen. Made me weepy, but I managed not to cry.

Saw two flicks this weekend. *Shrek 2* was funny (Puss in Boots is the best part of the movie).

*Troy* was... Well, the student of the classics inside me is irritated. Hated it, in fact. There is one saving grace, really. Eric "Don't Make Me Angry" Bana's presentation of Hektor was stellar, superb and wonderful. Reminded me of the joy I originally found in that character; reminded me of one of the sources for all the qualities I (still to the day) hold as those of Forthright Good People -- honor, honesty, compassion, wisdom, strength, dedication. When I was a boy, I hoped to live up to these qualities, and though I've slipped along the way, I like to think I am still on that road. But as for the movie, a slop of dogturds wrapped in a toga and carrying a sword does not make a good Trojan War movie. Perhaps that's harsh? There were a few redeeming factors, but the critic inside me kept questioning the flick... And I talked to the screen, something I hardly ever do. The last movies I recall talking to (in the cinema) were *Star Wars: The Phantom Menace* and *Lost in Space*. So, Troy is certainly in illustrious company, now, isn't it?

Zombies, zombies, everywhere... Well, the "Hungry Folks" script is moving forward (but at a crawl, because of the Carpenter deadline), and now, another friend is interested in putting together a Living Dead TV show. That's on the far back burner, however, because right now I have more important things to do, although I did come up with an interesting and fresh plot development that would do away with the "been there, done that" feel I have for the subject currently (summing up this feeling: "Oh, another zombie apocalype?").

Let's see what have I been reading? Finished Simmons' *A Winter Haunting*, what a rich text! It speaks to other literature, while remains quite eerie (scared the crap out of me at points). Thumbs up. Dan Simmons is an extraordinary writer.

Moved on to James Ellroy's *White Jazz*, which is also brilliant. Nobody does bleak meditations on evil as well as Mr. Ellroy. A good, dirty book. Also complex and rich, though more pared down than *A Winter Haunting*. The English major in me wants to do a comparison between Simmons' hardboiled series (Hardcase, Hardfreeze, Hard as Nails) and Ellroy's LA Bop Quartet (Black Dahlia, Big Nowhere, LA Confidential, White Jazz). The other part of the English student wants to reread all of these books. I am looking forward to a new imprint from Leisure Books coming out soon, that seeks to print new stories, and reprint old novels of pulp/raw noir material. If I can get my Lucky Buck book written, maybe I can submit it to them, it might be right up their dark alley!
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