May 18th, 2004

there!, Hello

Colourful Horror

Well,the script is going well. With a mondo writing session tonight (as the housemates are off to stitch n bitch) I should have the intial draft done on time (that is Friday). That way, I can proof over the weekend, and get the sucker out before next Friday.

Right now, the story is firmly in Lovecraft land, flashback to the 1920s, and I'm beginning to wonder what constitutes homage, what constitutes plagarism. Similar storyline (to The Colour Out Of Space). Similar monsters. Amalamation of characters from a variety of sources and their overall character arcs, buuut... Hmmm.

No rejection slips yet! Not in a while. I'm almost building up false hope!

I must blue book my Victorian Age Vampire Game this evening, too... Scribble down the events and descriptions, so as to have a record I can maintain. Also, I'll try to get some info into the livejournal, in case anyone's curious about the storyline(hey, Gypsylass!).
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