May 17th, 2004

there!, Hello

A Good Weekend

Well, I have to say, this weekend was a good one. I:
spent a total of $1.29 (mailed Night School to *Dreams of Decadence: Vampire Fiction and Poetry*),
cleaned out the storage unit (four sweaty hefting trips on the hottest day of the weekend, I never need to exercise, again) and cancelled the account (thus saving about $80 a month on my credit card),
started to organize/consolidate/downsize my possessions (time to sell some stuff),
played a wonderful short story of Victorian Age Vampire (wonderful for me, a real set up for drama, more later),
reread Lovecraft's *The Colour Out of Space*,
worked on the John Carpenter Contest script,
watched a whole bunch of Bab-5 Season 5 (just four more episodes to go!),
went to a picnic bbq at Dharia's,
conceived of another television show arc (3 seasons, 13 episodes to a season),
called Lori in Portland (thanks for the shoutout in my previous journal entry),
read some more of Janet Evanovich's *Two for the Dough*.

And boy, are my arms tired.

Last night, I noticed my fingers were thinner. Don't know how to express the absolutely breathtaking joy I got out of this. Seems a little strange, I'm sure to any thin people out there reading this. I'll try to explain: when you're an overweight fucker (like yours truly), with chunky digits that remind you of stunted, cooked to plumpness hotdogs, and then you can better see the skeletal development, you feel euphoric. Its like a spot of blue sky opens up in a weeklong drizzling rains (one of those boring, depressing things, not the powerhouse of a spooky movie quality, thunder-and-lightning storm), to offer a spot of promise for good weather ahead. It rekindles the soul, strangely enough.
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