May 14th, 2004

there!, Hello

Step by Step and Day by Day

Life is just no fun right now. Can't eat bread or fruit. Can't spend money of any stripe...

Alright, those are my complaints. Let's recount some of the better parts of this week:

I finished "Night School" last week, and the ending sucked mightily. I rewrote it, and incorporated more of one of the secondary characters and it is miles better. Yes, miles! Now I need to go through with the revision-rewriting stage. Ah well. It should be ready tofly for tomorrow.

Also ready to fly for tomorrow (I hope)is my submission to the Disney Screenwriting fellowship contest. I'm sending workshed. I won't win, but I'll have fun trying!

I've been tinkering with plenty of stories, at this point, and have a good chunk of Calender Girl 2 done. Not halfway, but I think I see the rest stretched out before me like some grand highway I can ride along -- yep, it seems to tell itself, for now. I scrapped the nurse idea (though that'll work as a short horror piece, better than a Calender piece) Also did an outline for Calender Girl 3.

Started the John Carpenter script, and it's going swell. Hope to rock that sucker out in the next week, do revisions and send it out the following week.

Saw that Fox is starting up a new tv station, focusing on low budget, edgy drama shows. Might be perfect for the old low scale sf show I'd envisioned a while back. I should really crack out that sucker. Of course, the old BESM game I'd envisioned might make a groovy show, too, since I won't be playing it anytime soon, and the stories are *killer* (IMHO).

This weekend, I hope the household will be able to play the first Victorian Age Vampire RPG story... Short but I'm hoping cool.

Finally got to watch Dweezil and Lisa cooking show. A little repetative (like very) but fun none the less. And Short, too. 1/2 hour?

I've been missing out taping my goddamn shows! Kingdom Hospital and the Shield have passed me by without my notice. Ah well, better things to do, I guess.

I finished reading *Nightmare House*, read Tom Piccirilli's *Shards*, and am now engrossed in Janet Evanovich's *Two for the Dough* and Dan Simmons *A Winter Haunting*. Tom Clancy is in the back seat, for now.

Best part is this: since the start of the diet, I've dropped over 10 pounds.
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