May 5th, 2004

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Garage Band Zombies, High School Vampires, and TestosteRock

This just in from Variety (actually Monday, May 3, but it's news to this Michigan Born, Massachusetts Dwelling boy): "Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free (production company) has come aboard to produce "Diamond Dead," a black comedy to be directed by "Night of the Living Dead" helmer George Romero.... " Sounds exciting to me!
Last night, I visited Best Buy, nailed the lid on Trista's Hot Mamma's Day present (should be schweet), and wrote 1200 more words on "Night School" the transition is more seamless -- less is more, I'm experimenting. Hopefull, I'll be able to bring this tale of High School Vampires to a successful close, before Saturday.
Finished Edward Lee's *Coven*, last week. Exciting, gross and nasty. Reading some of the splatterporn was a chore, though, alas. He did a nice job of blending genres, however: hardcore, sf, and horror. Proably one of the better offerings of early Lee.

I woke up two weeks ago with the knowledge that I must read Tom Clancy's *Cardinal of the Kremlin*, so I have been. One chapter a night is all I can stomach, at this point. Terrible writing style, very passive, very annoying (I must be becoming a writer or an English teacher), but some of the characters are endearing and interesting. The situation is very 80s Star Wars Cold War Arms Race, interesting and loaded with some decent scientific reasoning (for the time). THere's a reason I never got into *Patriot Games*, though. Shitty assed writing! I will endure, and hope my dreams give me a better reading list.

To keep my head above water, I've also been reading Doug Clegg's *Nightmare House*, an excellent ghost story, set in the 20s in his series location Harrow House (other writers have series characters, and Clegg has taken it to the next level, a whole feggin' house). Tangent time: I recall someone noting a conversation with Stephen King, saying that Haunted House stories had been done; "Yeah, but has anyone done a haunted shithouse story?" King replied, and then wrote one, called Sneakers (not made into the movie). However, *Nightmare House* is deliciously creepy, suspenseful and a wonderful example of the strengths of quiet horror (I'll cover quiet vs loud in another entry).
Wondering today about aggro-rock. What Dharia or her friends once referred to as testosterone music, what I might dub, TestosteRock. They mentioned it when we went to a bar, months back, to see a band called "Angel of the Odd". The bassist was cute, the songs were sort of in the tempo of Smashing Pumpkins, and the singer wailed as well as he could. I got a copy of their Compact Disc (which I still haven't listened to, alas). Another bar band played after "Angel", a metal band, whose name I can't recall (though I feel it might have been construction implement related). We retired to the downstairs bar, to have drinks and conversation in a less noisy climate. It was down here that someone -- was it Dharia? I wonder, now -- labeled that music as testosterone music, obviously not to their taste.
So, yesterday, I was listening to Pantera, a nineties metal band I used to dig, still sort of do, and I was wondering what it was about TestosteRock that appealed to me. Do I like TestosteRock? If so, why? What defines TestosteRock, anyway -- all metal, a certain school of metal? Hmmm... So, I'm thinking about it. The jury's still out, but it's on my mind.
Tonight, Kat has a date. Good luck and have fun! And don't spaz!
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