April 15th, 2004

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An Eyeful of Fiberglass

Here's a strange nightmare from a couple of nights ago. This older lady was in a run down barn sort of place, ends up getting blinded by a puff of dust, and stumbles into a wall of fiberglass. She tries to rub her eyes, and ends up shredding the orbs, shrieks and gets mad. She tries to dig the shit out of her eyes, and things get really painful after that. I wasn't there as a person, this was one of those 'I'm a camera' dreams.

"I love being a Poet. It's the fucking Words I can't stand." -- Dan Simmons, *Hyperion*
He's got a point. I never feel like my vocabulary is pitiful until I try to write, then... Oh, yes, friends and neighbors, it shrivels up like a carcass under the Death Valley sun. Didn't mean for vocab to turn into a penis reference.

Well, the Vampire story I plotted out Sunday (while driving Stacey to the airport) has hit a dry spot. There is a moment of transition between two moods, from the opening sequence to the closing sequence, and I just can't seem to make it work. I need to take a step back and reevaluate, I believe. Probably do a ground up reworking, yuck.

The banana story is done, but sitting around. I think I'm scared to send it out. Maybe I'll ask Trista to read it this weekend.

On a different track, today at work, I've written 3000 words of the Piezoelectric fiction story, currently called, "Skunked: The Incredibly True Story of Fentin Bozon and the Piezoelectric Bra." So far, it's telling itself. Kind of a nice experience, which hasn't happened since *Adapting to the Cold*.

Got Bab-5 season 5, woo hoo! Amazon shipped it Monday, it showed up yesterday! Woo-hoo!

I've been reading Charles deLint's *Mulengro: A Romany Tale* and it's interesting, but not grab hold and never let go. (However, it does make me miss my favorite gypsy lady, Lori.) I also finished the first section of the Orpheus Rulebook, which is fascinating, but difficult to take for long sittings. I like to chew on it, for a while. In a way, it's kind of like a textbook, I suppose. Let's see, what else have I read lately... Surprisingly little. No, wait! John Skipp's new book, *Conscience* showed up. I read it over two days. The only thing I couldn't get into was his screenplay, which would be a cool movie, but wasn't as fun to read -- I actually skimmed parts (eeek!). The short novel 'Conscience' was cool, though. Hope to see more from him in the near future.

Haven't gamed since Monday the 5th, and that was nothing terrific. I need a good game sometime soon. Maybe this weekend, Kat, T and I can finish Silver Age Sentinels, or T and I can work some more on Gamma World. Neither sounds abfab, though. I think I want a break from d20, and would like to move into some other system. Perhaps a Storyteller game or Call of Cthulhu... I finally have something of an idea for a 3 person LARP! Really just 2 scenes (conversation and a dangerous encounter), but 2 are more than none.

Apprentice Season Finale. Kingdom Hospital (must record). Start of a 4 day weekend for me (Monday is the Massachusetts Holiday, Patriots Day, aka The Boston Marathon).
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