April 12th, 2004

there!, Hello

Saints and Begorrahs what a weekend...

Lots of stuff accomplished, some stuff left unfinished, and lots of road time. I am exhausted and do not want to be at work. I want sleep. Zzzzz.

Let's see: the good: EmpressStacey is pretty groovy, I'm glad to have finally met her. I'll cross my fingers and hope she makes it up for Kat's Birthday Blitz Extravaganza.

I watched Eddie Izzard -- action, executive transvestite comedian -- funny, funny, FUNNY! James Mason as JFK was a riot. Laws, what a well needed and appreciated belly laugh.

Watched *Cruel Intentions* part un. What a wonderfully depraved movie, I only wish the ending didn't feel so heavy handed. Otherwise, a gem of a guilty pleasure flick. Strangely enough, it made me want to play Vampire: The Masquerade really bad... The manipulation was well done, I felt the screws tightening down -- not as excruciating as, say, *O* but well done none-the-less.

Went to Claytime on Friday, met a fellow who came off as a pedophilic, incestuous madman, who spent too much time painting a fairy's legs... Also got to paint up a storm, and utterly enjoy myself. Trista's doing a cream and sugar set, Kat's doing a pitcher (with artwork she is sure looks like that done by a 3-year old; it's not), Stacey did a circular box with a sun emblazoned cover, and I did a sleepy punk rocker bunny rabbit (complete with Anarchy sign on his little leather jacket).

Spent just a lot of time chit chatting and joking and otherwise being silly and happy.

Gave Kitty and Trista their easter presents. Got to open my own easter presents. I got all good stuff: cheese, books, candy. Schweet! The goyls seemed to dig their stuff, too.

Sunday night, I wrote 2300 words of a new short story. This is one I started thinking about on Sunday Morning, and then plotted out on the drive to the airport Sunday afternoon. It's called "Night School". It's a vampire story, about a young, rebellious vamp (just got turned three months ago) who lives in the furnace room of his school, and has a plan to turn a cheerleader into his 'undead babe'. Things go very, VERY wrong. I'm about halfway done, now, and about to enter the twisty turny parts, which will hopefully get excruciating.

The bad: ate too much, spent too much money. OH WELL! :) If that's the extend of the badness, this was a good weekend. And it was!
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