April 9th, 2004

there!, Hello

Gothic Gamer Slut and the Haddock From Mars

Title sounds like a groovy kids book, no? Ah well. My life.

Had a dream last night about the first subject. She wasn't really a slut, but she called herself such -- in a jokey manner. She was a gamer chick who hung out with Kitty, Trista and I at some massive gaming event at my old pals Nick and Chris's pad. In the dream, we plotted and planned, and uncovered my straightlaced chum Dave Erskine's secret (and embarassing) collection of fetish porn. A good time was had by all, until I got in the wrong car leaving, and had to cross through a haunted graveyard in a thunderstorm to reach Kat and Trista in our Saturn Ion. Weird dream, kinda nightmarish, kinda just spiff. The chick was neato -- goth and intelligent, pretty cool with her two toned hair, excellent style and mysterious demeanor, and she had some mad-dark nail polish! Good sense of humor, too.

The haddock from mars... Well, that's slang for those not in the know. Haddock is a headache. And from mars is from mars. I had a baad headache last night. Trista did too. This was probably from watching too much MXC -- Most Extreme Elimination Challenge!

We had bad pizza for dinner last night, made the pair of us feel miserable.

Well, Stacy has landed, and our apartment is ground zero for a funbomb. Kat hasn't been this gleeful in months.
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