March 31st, 2004

there!, Hello

Here it is Wednesday...

...and I'm already thinking about Friday.

Well, I've got "Moving, Interrupted" sealed in an envelope, and ready to lob at the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It isn't an sf story, but I believe it is Fantasy. Sort of a Terry Gilliam thang.

Last night I picked up a couple of movies at Best Buy: The Magdalene Sisters, Dirty Pretty Things, and May. Watched May, as this is bound to be a sure fire guess as to a flick the whole house wouldn't want to see. Great little gem of a movie. Actually horrified me at a couple points, and here I was, trashing American horror film aesthetics. Essentially, the plot is this: May has no friends except for a creepy little doll in a glass case. She falls for a guy she sees on the street, actually starts to connect with him, until her inner weirdness comes out, and he runs away. May then falls for a coworker, who's not interested in monogamy. May decides that there are plenty of good parts to people, but no good wholes. May decides to make a good whole. Sort of a bizarre Making Mr./Ms. Right concept. A sick little gem of a flick.

I really need to get cracking. News stories are really pumping my interest, right now, and I think I want to try my hand at chilling sf concepts -- sort of filter horror into other genres (like my fav authors seem to do), this should seem like a no brainer, since horror is the genre of emotions (not just fear, but sorrow, joy, etc.). "Without the threat of death, there's no reason to live at all," sings an infamous Antichrist Superstar.

I finished Joe Lansdale's *Sunset and Sawdust* Monday night. Good book! A little slow to start, but it develops some rather interesting female characters, and a world I'm glad I don't live in -- East Texas during the Great Depression.

Contemplating and plumbing the unknown unknowns...
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